So, today the BBC has officially unveiled its brand new homepage - available as a BETA alternative to the current frontpage.

On first viewing it seems that the new page has been created specifically with the iPad and other tablet devices in mind-with the entire homepage fitting inside the iPad screen rather than the current homepage which can only show less than half of the page.

Gone are the long vertical content boxes, instead replaced with a horizontal, carousel scroll bar allowing user to navigate the page much like the would on a tablet device

There is also a significant focus on BBC iPlayer content, ratther than the News/Sport focus which has been prevalent on the BBC Homepage since it was last updated in 2008.

So far response to the new homepage has been mixed, with Twitter comments likening it to the new Windows 8 and a number of people sceptical about the new horizontal scrolling feature.

It remains to be seen how popular the page will be, but it is clear that the BBC has identified the issue of adapting to become more 'tablet-intuitive' and focus on delivering good content in a more image focused way.

While the new page is clearly aimed at the young professional/middle aged demographics, I can't help but feel the more elderly users of the BBC website will struggle with new format/layout and this could prove an issue in the coming weeks.