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Two weeks ago Oki-ni launched their extraordinary interactive video, in the form of Antony Crook's, 'THE GAME'.

One week ago, we highlighted their success with a blog post, but today we were allowed in to their metrics to see how it's all been going. We were a little taken-a-back:-

  • CTR (Click-through rate) of 58% (industry average 2-5%); from video to product buy page
  • Conversion rate of 1% (industry average 0.5-2%); and bare in mind Oki-ni is a high-value retailer, their average product value is $294 (£180/€203), far and above the industry as a whole.
  • Average viewer engagement duration; 174% of video duration
  • Average clicks for those who interacted; 2.61
  • Nearly 350 embedded locations; across leading fashion blogs, influencers and fans

It's incredibly rewarding for the team here at WIREWAX to see videos not only more sticky and entertaining for viewers, but also drawing practical revenue streams for our users.