It's pretty damn exciting to see content producers and even savvy brands themselves starting to work with WIREWAX. It's exactly what the tool was designed for and we're consistently inspired by the ideas and delivery of users. One such case in-point is the stylish fashion retailer, Oki-Ni, whom have just released their fully-shoppable video, purposely shot for WIREWAX by Ridley Scott's company, RSA Films.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 12.42.48 PM

Available on both our Flash and iPad versions, the video allows you to click and touch the neat characters in this distinctive and incredibly viral fashion video look-book. Current statistics suggest the video has already shown incredible audience engagement, interaction rates and a clear audience interest with experience embedded across fashion blogs, industry news and of course Facebook.

Great news for Oki-Ni, we're proud that WIREWAX has empowered them to deliver this project and look forward many more from this exciting and innovative fashion house.

Watch it here.