Canada's biggest online fashion retailer, SSENSE, have taken advantage of WIREWAX technology to create the world's first shoppable music video. The campaign launched to much fanfare, having been embedded in over 2,000 blogs and shared more than 2,000 times through social networks.

Wanna know how it was done? Let's break down the campaign and have a look at the ingredients to build success into your next video project with WIREWAX...

Music video, you say?

We always like a challenge here at WIREWAX and seamlessly incorporating shoppable features into a music video needs a sensitive touch. SSENSE wanted to produce a functional tag that would not disrupt viewing but would still draw the customer's towards styles of clothing and accessories of interest. Now you can click on your favourite artist - right there in the video - and buy their style!

Our team provided some help on initial design and integration, then SSENSE ran with it, designing their own animated 'S' call-to-action and product pop-up, they then added the tags themselves our new tagging tool (yet to be made public).

It couldn't be easier - all of the content in the pop-up is managed with the WIREWAX integration into Google Docs, so you can alter elements wherever you are simply by logging into your account and tweaking the spreadsheet.

You can keep your video up to date - change prices, pictures, product descriptions, and any other dynamic elements - and these changes will be automatically carried across everywhere your video is being viewed (i.e. existing embeds on blogs, social media, etc).

They have known each other for a while as a taco is now $1.99 (£1.26) from Taco Bell

Don't hide it away!

Prior to the official launch cheeky hints were dropped through social media channels. One of the earliest teases started back in March when rap sensation Iggy Azalea posted a screenshot of the music video featuring herself and rap duo FKI.

Fashionista leak stills

Moving closer, a couple of days before launch, leading fashion blog, Fashionista were the first to cover the story. They 'leaked' behind-the-scenes stills from the music video to build anticipation. Shared with their 500,000+ twitter followers and shared nearly 1000 times - a promising start for the campaign.

SSENSE racked up the anticipation with a graphical countdown timer on their homepage and embedded "Add This" buttons for their fans to share through their own social media groups. SSENSE could then closely monitor and, at times, engage with their followers - sharing the excitement of their impending launch with their followers and keep this momentum building exponentially.

Liftoff, #IThinkSheReady

At 12pm EST, press releases were out and a final round of tweeting from Iggy Azalea, FKI, Diplo, SSENSE - the WIREWAX server started churning out impressive numbers as twitter and google alerts swamped us with mentions.

Hashtag #ITHINKSHEREADY becomes #1 trending topic in the U.S. on Twitter.

As is the snowball nature of social media, momentum gathered and within only a few hours of launching, the video became a top trending topic in the U.S. under the hashtag #IThinkSheReady.

Another great example of an international brand adopting WIREWAX technology which once again shows, as if there was every any doubt, video has evolved.

Press Reaction

Mashable wrote:

"What we find most interesting about the video is the implications it could have for the entertainment industry. It's not difficult to imagine a time when most — if not all — major music videos were made shoppable, especially given the number of music artists who double as style icons."

MTV Style said:

"So basically, if you're really feelin' Iggy rapping in her '80s art deco hoops and neon pink blazer, you can buy her look RIGHT then and there. Nuts. The video uses cue nasally voice interactive hotspot technology, which users can click to take them directly to SSENSE and purchase the item. Score!"

Ryan Seacrest official:

"Music videos usually feature some awesome fashion, and it's not uncommon to watch one and wonder, "where did she get that dress?" or more importantly, "where can I get that dress?" Now you don't have to wonder because the first interactive shopping music video has been released."

Gizmodo wrote:

"We understand that the recording industry is collapsing and that its future is merchandising and using musical cachet to hock wares. But seriously, can we just watch music videos without having to confront the crass consumerism of it all the entire time?"

Portable said:

"This video is what it is; it's not very good, but it's sort of nice to look at, and everyone's probably going to forget about it faster than you can say, "Rihanna is releasing a new record." It's obviously highly aspirational, and for the economically righteous out there..........One facet of pop is fantasy and indulgence, and that's what we love about the genre. Besides, we're sort of totally into that red Preen dress Iggy is wearing."

Fortune said:

" videos have also emerged as an attractive place for brands to push their products. Companies paid an estimated $20 million to appear in music videos in 2010, up 7% from 2009, according to marketing analytics firm PQ Media. ...this marks an attempt to capitalize on the growing use of interactive video in fashion..."