Recently celebrating their 30th Anniversary, Lansinoh is more than just top-of-the-line mommy products. Created by moms, for moms, the Lansinoh family aims to support and encourage women through the journey of motherhood. It's for this same reason that our breast pumping gal pals turned to WIREWAX to create three interactive videos, bringing new light to their products with a little education.


Being a mom is a very hands-on experience, to say the least. Hosted on their Facebook page, the three videos each feature the latest & greatest in Mom-tech, with a wealth of information to discover through the interaction points.

Each of the videos is shoppable with interaction points for purchasing the items online or finding carriers near you. In the first video, featuring the Signature Pro Double Electric Pump, viewers are invited to click to learn more about tips for pumping and even information on how the Affordable Care Act has affected women's rights when it comes to breastfeeding.


Lansinoh are able to successfully place themselves as leaders in their field by using WIREWAX technology to bring education hand-in-hand with their products. In the second and third videos showcasing the patented storage bags and Momma Bottle, the interactivity lends expert tips and advice as well as health benefits both for mother and baby.

So although Mother's Day only comes once a year, Lansinoh celebrates moms each and every day! Watch and learn from all three videos on their Facebook page HERE.