Cotton Inc has created a fashion show to show off their latest seasonal, sartorial must-haves for the switched-on millennial. They’ve also stitched in some WIREWAX technology into the 60-second shoppable video to showcase over 40 different looks. The content was fast-paced, highly engaging and, most importantly, made the product easily accessible for their multi-tasking, multi-screen viewers.

So, the challenge was to make something captivating and user-friendly for the target audience that’s always on the go.

Challenge [always] accepted.

The video effectively and dutifully enables you to watch, click and shop using one hand, while your other hand can hail a cab, steer your bike or open your front door. We mixed up the usual technique of interactive hotspot for a ‘tap anywhere’ solution that meant the fast-fingered shoppers never missed a look. Shoppers loved how easy it was to add the latest looks to their cart.

With the constant advance and success in interactive technology, the unique execution was an instant hit.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • The active audience share was 22.8%

  • The interactions per active viewer were 1.76

  • The glorious campaign generated 3,563 tweets

  • Average viewer engagement was a staggering 3 minutes

  • 55% interacted on mobile

You can take the fully interactive version for spin below: