Are you ready to saddle up for the latest season of Branson Famous? Turner is all about giving their viewers a sneak-peek into the dramatic happenings backstage and they've invited you to go behind the scenes with truTV for the first ever reality musical in their new interactive trailer. Tags appear throughout the video, giving viewers access to never-before-seen clips and the chance to get up close and personal with the Baldknobbers.

In this one and a half minute trailer, you can explore and discover over 10 minutes of tear-jerking bonus content... tears of laughter that is! Meet the stars of the Baldknobbers and see what it takes to be Branson Famous. Father and head honcho Tim Mabe walks you through his steps for getting into his droopy character. In case you need some tips on getting ready for a wild Saturday night, Megan McCombs, lead vocalist and girlfriend to Tim's son, Brandon, will show you how to get your hair up high and "closer to God," and even share with you her number one rules for stage makeup from lipstick to blush.

Megan Hair Tutorial

As much as we want to know what it means to be Branson Famous, they're no denying we're all here for the dramatics--both on and off stage. Dive deeper into Megan and Brandon's relationship to learn how they came together and why Brandon's momma, Patty, isn't too thrilled. Speaking of Patty, she doesn't hold back her feelings in her tell-all tune under the "Megan vs Patty" tag, you best be sure not to miss it. We've heard of family feud before, but never in F sharp!

And that's not all! There's even MORE video within the overlays themselves! Get a sneak-peek of all the drama to come this season, and even see a special clip titled "Too Sexy for Branson." You can even share all of this right to Facebook and Twitter straight through the video.

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 12.02.23 PM (2)

This is the second interactive video with our friends at Turner, following the outstanding success of the award-winning shoppable integration of hit series Cougartown on TBS with retail all-stars Target. truTV is among friends, joining the likes of NBC, BBC, and iTV, who have adopted WIREWAX tech to create astonishing video experiences to promote their shows like never before!

Watch the interactive trailer for Branson Famous HERE.