It has been a long time coming, but now here at WIREWAX we think the tipping point for TV going 100% interactive is around the corner. We are not just talking about connected TV, we are talking about the way people will interact with those boxes in the corner of the room on a daily basis. Voice, motion and touch are three of the most important aspects of the human design and now these three ways of communication are going to be integrated into our televisions. You may ask "but why are you excited about this?" because WIREWAX feels so strongly about making video intelligent. We think that a TV that can respond to human interactions, means the passive experience that we all love so much and have lived with for millions of years suddenly becomes an infinitely more interactive experience... that changes EVERYTHING.

This year Samsung announced a groundbreaking range of 'Smart Interaction' TVs that contains a built in camera and microphone to enhance and compliment their Smart TV technology. You will now have the freedom to do whatever you want without using the remote. One aspect we found particularly interesting was the ability to use hand gestures to point to specific zones in the frame.

Prime Sense who created the 3D motioning sensor for Microsoft Xbox Kinect, also were flaunting their latest in motion control this year. They have teamed up with IDEO to create, in the words of their CEO Inon Beracha, a 'magical user experience'. Inon demonstrated and stressed the importance of the gentle hand gestures when it came to interacting with the TV, using grabbing, pulling and twisting to navigate through the TV.

One thing we were wondering was, where is John Underkoffler in all of this? We believe he is the main catalyst for making 'connected TV' a main buzzword. Underkoffler created the UI/UX for Minority Report and also did the famous TED talk showing the display in action. We would also like to thank him for having everyone who has ever seen this technology say, 'Oh my gosh, that is something out of Minority Report' or articles that say, 'This technology, really reminds us of Minority Report'. So thanks for that John.

With the constant hurdle of forever evolving technology, we are making sure WIREWAX is seamless and accessible for everyone to use, we have been incredibly excited about this next leap. We have been experimenting extensively with WIREWAX in a TV environment and our journey has led us to look at how TV audiences will interact with WIREWAX tags in the same way they can on touch and desktop devices. We tested Wiimote-type pointing devices to make that initial link, allowing viewers to point at the TV to activate WIREWAX tags. But, since the implementation of motion and gesture detection into television, we are incredibly excited about this and it just seems like a more natural progression.

Here at WIREWAX all these steps towards intelligent video are part of what we are all about. We know our technology will shape people's lives and play a part in an ever changing digital lifestyle. We are confident that WIREWAX will be an important addition to gesture detection TVs and we look forward to seeing it in every home.