When clumsy British mastermind, Sir Walter Raleigh first stepped foot on the great land of the Americas 420 years ago, it was a pivotal and tumultuous point in the history of mankind. Fortunately, his failed attempt to tame the Home of the Brave led the way for future, more successful settlements and Britain became... erm... the most influential and important colonizers of the New World! (according to my Grandad).


Similarly to the way the people of little Britain went on to infiltrate and influence the majority of the people of Earth all those years ago, spreading the use of the awkward handshake, the twizzled moustache and a jolly good knees-up, WIREWAX is spreading its army of (thankfully, significantly less brutal) advocates. Not based on military, financial or bumbling might but with a half-decent piece of video technology that actually changes lives (or, perhaps just videos) for the better!

Over the last year, new WIREWAX users, in that funny old land they call the 'United States of America', where people say things like, 'get yo fanny in tha house y'all bitches!', and, 'Sup bud? Get me sum of that moonshine be fo I bust yo janky butt' - have surpassed the rest of the world by some significant margin. They've rapidly embraced the potential to make their unintelligent video content infinitely more interactive and have found solace warmly embraced in the arms of the world's first taggable video platform.

churchill and truman

WIREWAX continues to annihilate barriers to clickable/touchable video; bringing self-serve taggable video to the masses around the globe. And, in that place across the pond, where they don't know their crisps from their loos, they've taken to tagging videos like a British Bulldog in a china shop - giving video a proper good shake about the aloominum knickers.

For that reason it made perfect sense for the British to once again lay claim to a miniscule part of American soil to support and represent our cousins embarking on a fundamental change to their video outlook. So, it's only the beginning of a larger global presence but what better way to start than with our old chums across the pond and once again uphold a small change to the ways of thinking of another nation.

If you're lucky enough to be a WIREWAX fan in the Land of the Free you now have full, rubber-stamped, Royal approval to crack on, safe in the knowledge you have the support and double thumbs-up from your good friends in residence. Onwards and upwards America!