It’s that time of year again - Austin, Texas opens its arms to tech wizards from all over the globe at this year’s SXSW Festival. The best place on earth for the data savvy to get their scientific know how, and join in all of the most innovative conversations. We wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The nifty SXSW app will certainly be of some assistance, helping you weave through all your favourite choices, but let’s be realistic, you’re guaranteed to double, triple, quadruple book yourself and teleporting hasn’t been invented (just yet).

Don’t worry, the WIREWAX team has cherry-picked the best of the best, so you don’t have to. Don’t suffer severe FOMO, we’ve got your back.

Don’t forget too, it’s a big old place and when the sun is shining (fingers crossed) it’s important to take a break. Our cozy booth #509 has just what you need. We’ve got interactive goodness galore, WIREWAX beers and a team full of energy. The beer won’t last forever though, secure your advanced slot with the team here.


1. Why Ethereum Is Going to Change the World

March 9th @ 3:30pm-4:30pm

Start your week with a crypto fix. Forbes Senior Editor, Laura Shin, interviews Joseph Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum, the most powerful blockchain system that can be publicly and consensually accessed from anywhere in the world. Lubin reveals his journey so far and how his interest in blockchain developed, as well as sharing his vision for a decentralized future enabled by this technology.


2. A Conversational Future: Making Technology Adapt to Us

March 10th @ 11am – 12pm

With more devices and more ways to connect these days, designers need to up their game if they want to take advantage of this progress. Google’s Laura Granka and Hector Ouilhet share their perspective on the future of the relationship between people and tech.


3. Prototyping the Future of Public Media

March 11th @ 11am-12pm

What will the next generation of social media look and sound like? Join this panel of public media representatives from around the world will debate how public media shape the way forward for innovation, as well as the many fails that have been faced in the process.


4. Facebook IQ: The 5 Consumer Shifts Shaping 2020

March 11th @ 3:30pm-4:30pm

More and more content is being driven through mobile devices, with less human interaction becoming necessary. Facebook is leading this session to share the 5 consumer shifts facing 2020. Not to be missed.


5. Building the Post-Cable Television Network

March 12th @ 3:30-4:30pm

In this session, a panel of media marvels, ranging from Twitter to CBS, are adapting to the digital age and evolving to the demands and habits of their viewers.


6. Interactive Video Showcase, WIREWAX

March 9-18th @ Booth #509

The doors are wide open. You can visit us anytime you like. We’re not constrained by time or stage capacity. Come in, kick back and let’s talk about the future of interactive video. 2018 is the year that 1 in 3 marketers gets interactive. Video has evolved, so get involved, or miss out.