Movie big wigs Fox, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers are backing UltraViolet - a service aiming to revolutionize home entertainment by offering a 'digital locker' of film and TV.

UltraViolet (UV) summed up as "buy once, play anywhere" service, is to work in partnership with other video-on-demand tools, such as Samsung and Roxio Now. Users will get a digital code with any purchase of a DVD or blu-ray, enabling them to download a copy that can be played on any device, and build a library or 'digital locker' of their content.

UltraViolet as a concept is great- offering users an easier and more exciting way to access, manage and share their movie collections, plus there's a lot of room for evolving the service, with search capabilities and taggable product placement for example.

Using a taggable video tool such as WIREWAX, there is a lot of opportunity for product placement- items within the video can be tagged with up to date information and links to buy. Big brands such as Nike and Rip Curl have already created fully shoppable videos using taggable video, and to bring this concept into the home would bring an added dimension to watching film and TV, and a lot of commercial value.

As a search tool, using taggable video would be a great way of developing a 'you may also like' function. Studios could tag actors in movies, for example, giving users an up-to-date lists of films in their library that they might want to watch featuring the tagged actor, as well as ones they are yet to download.

Bringing this interactivity into the home would be great, already used by gamers with XBox and Kinect, it has been proven to be extremely popular, with sales of 10 million in the year of it's release.

UltraViolet is a new and exciting viewing platform, with huge opportunities- we look forward to seeing the service in action, and seeing what the future brings for our home entertainment experience.