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Tommy Hilfiger became the latest brand to go #taggable today, launching the first in a series of pioneering shoppable videos with WIREWAX.

The prestigious label's new Denim videos are the first to use the tool's new location and language intelligence feature.

Click or touch any product in Tommy Hilfiger's new video and whether you're watching at, a friend's facebook wall, or a major fashion blog you'll see dynamically generated, live product information, in your own language - right alongside the product you clicked on.

What's more, by connecting videos to live international product databases, this revolutionary feature cuts out any maintenance or further data-entry overheads for the user and provides the viewer with up-to-the-minute and relevant product information. It's the same fluid, intuitive interactivity - more relevant, more connected, zero-hassle.

The language and region intelligence features are now available to WIREWAX users on the Partner programme.

See the video here!