Author: WIREWAX User & Partner, Luca Maximilian Caputo

Luca is a WIREWAX user & partner who works in Barcelona with HyperVideos and in Milan with Era Design. He offers full production and interactive video services with WIREWAX.


I remember the first time I saw a Gameboy: it was so surprising that I could hold it in my hands. Then, little by little, lots of new consoles came out: Nintendo, Lynx, PlayStation... then mobile phones, the internet and social media...

The evolving demand of gadgets has been exponential during the last 30 years. Either our brains have become able to process more information at the same time, or our needs have changed and we are just becoming more “data thirsty”. The same is true for media, things have changed a lot.

The relationship between the viewer and the medium today is less and less restrictive if compared to our experience with our beloved television, the queen of the living room, and, years before, with newspapers and radio.

The epic changes that have taken place in our communication era are based on one simple concept: interaction.

Little by little, consumers are demanding a growing relationship with brands, and increasingly, the economy is based on how good brands are in establishing a relationship with their customers.

The advent of branded content is a perfect representation of this reality. Brands provide information or tell stories for free, aiming to enter the heart of their potential consumers with decisions that are made by emotional impulse.

We, as viewers, want to participate. We want to get involved, otherwise we get bored. Viewers need to feel their power to determine a story, to influence reality by simply pressing some buttons while quietly sitting on the sofa. We need to be amused and if we aren’t, we're somewhere else in a matter of a seconds.


Luca on-location with his team

As a filmmaker, I’ve seen how fast the language of video has changed, and how editing is so different today from 15 years ago. Shorter, faster, syncopate. “Hypervideos” was born to answer that kind of demand: new and fresh creativity.

Luckily, we’ve still got DNA from the animal kingdom and we instinctively pay attention to everything that moves. And WIREWAX, differently from all other platforms, is able to perfectly track objects moving on the screen. And the most incredible thing is, it does it automatically. Creativity is taken to another level, narratively speaking.

On top of this, video branching literally gives you infinite possibilities to develop your storytelling.

The experience of our short movie “Hyperlove” has been amazing; with our Italian partner Era Design we could easily build and customize interaction in no time at all, without needing technical help.

So here comes innovation, better called an evolution.

What I found really amazing in WIREWAX is something as simple as powerful: the possibility to easily play. Live a story instead of watching it. Being the creator instead of the unknown user. Basically, we want to play because we are grown-up kids.