So, we've looked and there isn't a "share" button on the QWERTY keyboard. Aside from the obvious infringement of the Trade Description Act, if it had existed, it points to a rather interesting problem... sharing isn't as simple as making a button :/

It's all well and rather rampantly good to make an amazing interactive experience but, people have got to find it to engage with it. That's why it was ruddy brilliant to see one of our latest and greatest users, and incidentally, the world's largest broadcaster, the BBC - recently take to the social skies (insert horrific graphic of Facebook logos in the sky). They used WIREWAX for their investigative, interactive trailer for the hugely popular crime-drama series, Luther and weren't shy when telling the world about it.

Building on the success of BBC News' Deepwater Horizon interactive mini-documentary, the world's favourite Auntie set to work on their 2nd WIREWAX extravaganza - a trailer with clickable and touchable (yes, mobile too) floating animated text that appears at significant times throughout the promo. Interacting with the text takes the viewer down a new rabbit hole to unseen, exclusive videos and photos from the upcoming mega-series. The whole experience is; as investigative; as compelling and original as; the series itself. For die-hard Luther fans it is a chance to explore content they wouldn't see anywhere else and watch mini-clips ahead of the series launch. In stark contrast to BBC News' popular experiment it gives everyone a taste of how fiction and drama content can exploit interactive video too.

But, what took this video a step further was where viewers engaged over the first week of launch. It's a little known fact that your WIREWAX iframe embed code can go virtually anywhere! That means your video is your outreach worker. Your video travels. Your video can appear where others have spent time, money and resources building audiences. The deployment of the Luther experience was a testament to that. We saw it entertaining viewers in hundreds of prime online locations, including leading British newspapers, TV talk sites, media blogs and much more. Remember, wherever your video appears, all the interactivity appears too.

Then, of course, it gets social. We were amazed at how far and how quickly the video was shared. We took screen-grabs of the trailer in thousands of Facebook posts and tweets. Note, that was in posts and tweets - yes, there's no need to ask your viewers to navigate away from Facebook news feeds or Twitter streams to yet another web page (remember microsites?), or read through a blog - no, no; not for Luther fans - they can watch and interact within a Facebook post or the actual tweet - just like all WIREWAX videos - making the whole experience infinitely more enticing and engaging.

A great execution by the BBC and their illustrious partners, Red Bee Media. We, alongside most Luther fans, look forward to seeing what they do next. Applause!