Firstly, the new player rollout is being planned as we speak. Users will be notified when their video has moved to the sparkly new taggable player. Must see features include...

  • Face detection and recognition; scan through a video and let the player find your presenters, characters and friends with Facebook.
  • Video apps arrives. Our range of standard applications for buttons arrives, with a host of off-the-shelf interactivity to add to your tags. Including Amazon, Facebook & Last FM amongst many, many others.
  • App developer network opens for business; where you can get the tools to make your own custom applications for tags and even sell them to other users.
  • Kudos; start getting credit where its due and notch up kudos for accurate, helpful and high quality tagging.
  • Improved tagging interface with simpler navigation and one-click editing modes to perfect your tags
  • Simpler built-in sharing and embedding

Secondly, do you like what we're doing or like some of what we're doing but think we could do other bits better? Well, if you're a designer, have some UI nouse and or a keen eye for code then drop us a line.

We've got our ears open for people who want to get involved. Either call +44 (0) 20 7637 9394 or email