William Shatner has of course shown us the future in so many ways - frankly, he's been the future (too much?). I mean look at this little gem of insight...

Lavish claims for the 70s, but not very far away from where we are now. Jump forward a generation, and this week, digital music service, Spotify announced that they will start offering 'Apps' with various features and functions to add a new dimension to their popular streaming service.

The announcement on Wednesday included the presentation of apps from Rolling Stone Magazine, CBS Corp's music recommendation service Last.fm and Songkick- which gives users details of upcoming gigs by the artists they listen to. Another app TuneWiki, allows users to see the lyrics 'synced perfectly' to any given track. For Spotify, these apps are just the beginning, they vow to 'surprise you, with many more new and wonderful experiences that will make Spotify even better.'

Just step back now to look at the equivalent of an 'App'; circa 1998...


That's what you'd expect to see from the UK's BBC. An experience, that with the help of Apps has translated into a short linear funnel to get stuff relevant to you, in that very moment, right now. Whether that be information, inspiration, train times or a video of a man chasing a dog called Fenton.

Creating less distance between people, businesses, and even employers, Apps have made the world a smaller place. No longer do we have to worry about carrying a map, buying a calender, alarm clock, egg timer, recipe book, or even going to the shops. These are all available at the push of a button, or a touch of a finger, long ago are the days of waiting for dial up to load!

Companies like Spotify are giving users information and functionality at the point that they want it. This is also a key principle with taggable video. Our soon to be released apps aim to bring information into the moment, offering viewers a relevant video, song, or photo, using Youtube, Soundcloud or Flikr. A great example of this is Tamer Animals, which brought all the indie band Other Lives' online presence into the video; you can see this here: www.tameranimals.com.

Here's to Spotify and the future of intuitive user-led technology.