WIREWAX, the world’s leading interactive video company, has become a member of the Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB UK) as it takes another positive step towards boosting the company’s industry-wide presence.

With 87% of marketers leveraging video online, it’s no surprise that consumers have become exhausted by the sheer volume of content vying for their attention. Tackling this issue head-on, interactive media can engage users for up to x3 as long as linear video, therefore, WIREWAX is uniquely positioned to help partners capitalise on the dwindling attention of traditional online media.  

As pioneers in the interactive video space, it’s natural for WIREWAX to help define the standards for interactive formats and future innovations.

Joining the IAB’s digital advertising trade body highlights WIREWAX’s commercial ambitions, and their desire to help steer the debate around the transformation of digital advertising in an era where mistrust and data scandals have shaken the industry to its core.


The membership will also enable WIREWAX to access the IAB’s market-leading research, education and events, as the company continues to upskill and bring new talent into the global business.

Steve Callanan, CEO and co-founder at WIREWAX said: “Joining the IAB is an important strategic step for us. I’m personally looking forward to working with the IAB on digital initiatives and to educate clients and their partners on all the possibilities that interactive media can offer beyond linear video formats that have become commonplace on the web today.”