On December 2nd, WIREWAX had the honor of presenting in the coveted anchor slot at the NYTM startup demo event. Tech nerds, like ourselves, unite to see emerging companies present their new ideas and hear bleeding-edge thinking on a vast array of technology topics. This perennially sold-out monthly event has played a key role in growing the NYC tech scene, acting as the stage for all notable new companies, including Foursquare, Tumblr, and SquareSpace, to make their debut.


Our beloved leaders, Dan & Steve, took the stage by storm and wowed the audience with the new WIREWAX studio. Here's what went down:

Steve walked the audience through the inspiration behind WIREWAX and took them on the magical journey of making it what it is today. He spoke to the need and desire to make sense of these pixels and connect video, the most powerful medium of our time, to the rest of the digital world.

Next, Steve dived right into the ground-breaking proprietary technology in order to analyze and better understand video content. Once the tech was up on the big screen, it was just a matter of delivering this major advancement to the world. And so, WIREWAX was alive! As Steve walked the audience through the process of uploading a video, creating a tag and designing an overlay, Dan displayed a live demo of it all in action.

To say 'minds were blown' would be an understatement. There wasn't a dry seat in the house as everyone was flabbergasted by the sight of a video being analyzed in real time, facial detection and recognition, and most importantly, motion-tracking. The theatre was abuzz with awes, gasps and even some woot woots as each powerful platform feature was revealed.

The crowd's enthusiasm and intrigue was even more apparent at the after party. The WIREWAX table was inundated till the late hours. The onstage presentation appeared to ignite a fire of inspiration amongst the audience - everyone was fascinated by the concept of self-serve interactive video and wanted to learn more. Most were excited by the demonstration and were bursting with ideas for themselves, their companies, and their clients right there, on the spot.

The updates to the WIREWAX studio focus on empowering you, the user. The new interface is designed to be intuitive, slick and simple. From creating tags to designing overlays, we wanted this to be efficient and straightforward and the cache of rich computer vision tools have reduced a huge chunk of the manual work too. We're continually investing in squeezing the platform to reduce even more friction and automating the creation process as much as possible.

So what does the future of WIREWAX hold? Steve says, "We want to become the routine resource for enriching video content. Making video work harder for you, make it intelligent. Creating interactive video should be simple, seamless and fast."

We've gone ahead and made an interactive version of the NYTM video recaps for you. Watch the WIREWAX demo below. You can see the other videos on NYTM's tumblr, click to learn more about the people behind the stellar startups who demoed too.