WIREWAX has been approached by Canada's largest online fashion retailer, SSENSE, to help create their most experimental and engaging campaign yet.

SSENSE's latest PR exercise, a music video 'look book' using WIREWAX technology, flaunts a selection of their freshest threads and accessories worn by the biggest rap and hip hop artists right now.

With groundbreaking WIREWAX technology, the music video for SSENSE, enables viewers to discover the artists' clothing and accessories by clicking on the WIREWAX tags. Viewers can then discover products and even click-through to buy.

Featured in the campaign is the fearless musical duo FKI - known for their collaborations with Tyga and Ludacris; the phenomenal - and latest interscope signing - Iggy Azalea and critically acclaimed music producer, Diplo (Beyonce, Usher and MIA to name a few).

This is not a music video promoted by a record label or a viral video on YouTube, but a fashion retailer exploiting talented artists to promote their brand in a wholly original way. A revolution for the industry and an insightful experiment whilst broadcasting a sharable shopping experience.

Over half of all Americans purchased something online last year and with the success of other WIREWAX fashion campaigns; such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Rip Curl and Oki-Ni, taggable video is being seen as the next natural step for brands and their e-commerce strategy.

Brands can't ignore incredible engagement and conversion stats as witnessed by Oki-Ni with a 58% click-through rate, generated $20k of sales in the first two weeks.

This interactive video 'look book' comes off the back of other successful SSENSE campaigns including cash prizes for the best dressed fan and inviting customers to tell their own photo stories with SSENSE's brands.

SSENSE have an established social media presence and with WIREWAX likely to play a role in future executions they'll be a very interesting brand to watch.

The music video is called 'I Think She Ready'.

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