With over 2,000 entries submitted and over 20,000 votes cast during the People’s Choice, competition at the Creativepool Annual event was serious! Luckily for us, the recognition of the work we did with FX Network came top of mind for those judges’ and their refined taste. 

In case you missed it, FX Network wanted to utilize WIREWAX’s interactive technology to create something unique and compelling as an introduction to the 7th season of the iconic American Horror Story. We love pushing the creative boundaries so this was a partnership made in heaven.

We created eight consecutive interactive experiences to coincide with the impending TV release, each uniquely designed to elicit a variety of emotions in the audience. It was certainly a spine-tingling journey from start to finish.

The results?

Annual 2018 Silver AND Annual 2018 People’s Choice Award!

We’re absolutely thrilled and could not have done this without the trust of FX, the engagement of AHS fans, and the passion and desire of the WIREWAX crew who deliver this latest double addition to our trophy cabinet. We were up against some amazing competition too, so this was in no way an easy win. It was an incredibly nail-biting wait for the results. 

Congratulations to everyone involved and be sure to check out all the winners.

If you want to get in on some of this award-winning action, then drop a note to our friendly team below.