Arguably one of the biggest and most bizarre games to hit Xbox wows gamers this year and, in Sunset Overdrive, your avatar has to navigate, explore and battle their way through the deeply twisted, open world metropolis of Sunset City.

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Of course, it makes total sense to give the video trailer the same treatment, and Xbox turned to interactive video top bananas, WIREWAX, to craft the ultimate experience. So, where do we begin? Well, the trailer itself was to be an entertaining, humorous and eye-popping blockbuster with the interactivity reflecting the mind-bending, colorful dystopia of Sunset City. Hovering, bright pink and neon spray-paint tags call out to the audience to lean forward and get involved. By clicking on the animated, graffiti targets and flashing lightning bolts, viewers access exclusive gameplay, downloads and insider knowledge from Insomniac Games' very own, Brandon Winfrey... without ever leaving the trailer. Once you're hooked you'll be hunting down more targets to get your next fix of; more game sequences, production storyboards, music and graphic treats. Just close any of the subcontent and you're back in the trailer. BAM!

It's an experience rich in entertainment and must-have content that will satisfy even the most hungry of Sunset fans. Brandon says to think about the trailer as a, "great seven-layer bean dip, the deeper you dig the more flavor you're going to discover." That metaphor is as beautiful as it is true.

When it comes to annihilating mutants and vapourizing robots while free-running around a metropolis, vaulting rooftops, zip-lining power cables and pulling your best quadrupedal, it's best to stock up on as much information as possible. Xbox wanted to arm Sunset fans with an arsenal of content on top of an already mind-boggling visual treat - who else to turn to other than WIREWAX?

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"Well, what's the point of all this bonkers content if I can't share it with my friends", you ask? Xbox thought you'd say that, which is why not only can you watch and download bonus material or check out your weapon of choice (baseball bats, hockey sticks, a ricocheting record thrower or TNTeddy grenade launcher), but you can facebook, tweet, and tumbl the whole party straight from the trailer. There's even one tag that opens up Frizzie's Twitter timeline where you can ping him a message too. Have we mentioned that you can do all of this without ever leaving the video? Yes? We did? Ok. Just making sure you're keeping up.