Unless you’ve been on a serious new year’s digital detox, you’ll have found it hard to miss Netflix’s epic interactive episode of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. The star-studded interactive episode was created by Charlie Brooker and the Netflix interactive team and aired late December.

Since it landed, fans have been working through the hundreds of branches to alter the storyline. There are five different endings to the episode, so if you’ve reached the hard end, you’ll likely be looking for the next Bander-fix. Well, you’re in the right place. You can now make your own version of Bandersnatch in WIREWAX Studio, our award-winning interactive video builder.  

If that wasn’t cool enough, the WIREWAX team have kindly put together the assets, along with a handy walkthrough guide to get you up and running.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own and share with us using #BanderWAX.

Follow These Steps To Build Your #BanderWAX Video Now:

Before you start, you’ll need a WIREWAX Studio account. If you’ve not already got one you can sign up easily for a free trial here.

Then download all the visual content you will need for this project by clicking the button below:

  1. Upload the Makeyourownbandersnatch.mp4 file to your WIREWAX Studio account.

  2. Once the upload is complete, open the editor tool.

  3. Select the ‘Underline on hover’ hotspot from the hotspot design menu. If you’re looking to style your video differently you can choose whatever hotspot style works best for your creation.


4. Add a static hotspot over the word Sugar Puffs starting at 00:00:11:29 and lasting to 00:00:25:03.

a. Change your hotspot behaviour to ‘jump to point in video’.

b. Set time as  00:00:25:05.

c. Save your new changes.


5. Add a static hotspot over the word Frosties starting at 00:00:11:29 going to 00:00:25:03

a. Change your hotspot behaviour to ‘jump to point in video’.

b. Set time as  00:00:31:26.

c. Save your new changes.

6. Navigate to the time triggers tab located on the top righthand side of your editing tool.

7. Select Create New.

8. Select a Jump Point to at 00:00:31:24 that extends to 00:00:37:25.


9. Go to the Details tab.

10. Upload your own custom poster frame using the Upload new button.

11. Navigate to the embed tab.

12. Select for the video controls to be hidden in your iframe embed code.


13. You have now created an embed code which will allow you to embed your masterpiece in any location for the world to see. If you want to share the video without having to embed, simply collect your Video ID from your Details tab and place it in the following URL: embed.wirewax/Video ID

14. Hooray! You are well on your way to creating your very own Bandersnatch.

15. Create your own version with personalised details and effects and share with us using the #BanderWAX hashtag.

If you need more help, you can find each step broken down into bite-size pieces on the WIREWAX Studio Success Centre.

Happy creating!