Since the idea for WIREWAX was first conceived a common question has always plagued the minds of our team and, of course, our delightful users - 'Will we ever see the wondrous WIREWAX taggable video technology on the biggest video platform in the universe?'

As from today, the answer to that question is, 'yes, our friends, yes you will'.

After a long and arduous process of technical compliance, massaging code and tweaking the user experience - our good friends at YouTube have finally approved the WIREWAX player for placement by those YouTube Partners who have the ability to customise their YouTube Brand Channel pages (subject to secondary individual video approval).

Does this mean you'll see WIREWAX on YouTube? In a word, yes.

YouTube has a very strict policy for the placement of 3rd-party content on brand channels and certainly won't allow any half-baked tech on their consistently polished platform. So when, with the help of some of our acclaimed clients (themselves global power brands), who helped raise the profile of WIREWAX amongst those who matter at YouTube - everything changed.

We were privileged to start conversations with some of most unexpectedly helpful folk at YouTube - whose first reaction was, '...this is a very cool, slick experience!' - so WIREWAX was off to a good start.

We've all heard the statistics a million times; over 4 billion hours of video watched each month, 72 hours of video uploaded every minute, 500 years of YouTube video watched every day on Facebook, over 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter each minute, etc., etc., all extremely impressive and probably already out of date. There's no denying that YouTube is the first place for viewers looking to be entertained, informed or educated by video so there's always been a desire to mix the magical interactivity of WIREWAX with the undeniably massive audiences at

The YouTube Partner Program was launched in 2007 and has allowed over a million partners from all over the world to create a branded channel page. Earlier this year YouTube went one-step further and helped partners create their own custom channel page. Brands who advertise can now customise their presence on YouTube, including adding interactive widgets and 3rd-party content. For example; Nike Football, Pepsi and Gillette have all embraced the opportunity to do something different within their custom channel.

Sharing WIREWAX videos on Facebook has been available since early 2011 and accounts for 2% of all WIREWAX viewings; and along with 3rd-party player integration with platforms such as Brightcove and Viddler, the WIREWAX wrapper for YouTube has been part of our arsenal for some time now. The wrapper allows users to exploit the powerful distribution platform with the unique functionality of WIREWAX on their own websites, blogs, social media, etc.. Being able to place the combination of these two powerful technologies back on to the YouTube website has always been the ultimate goal.

You'll notice a few subtle changes to this new integration and a much more seamless experience. Brands who advertise with YouTube and who fullfil their minimum spend requirements can now take their powerful interactive WIREWAX'd video and distribute through to their hungry audiences.

It's a massive leap forward for WIREWAX and further evidence that yet another global power brand believes in WIREWAX and are confident we're doing things right.

If you're already a YouTube Partner with your own channel page, you currently advertise with YouTube and would like to put your WIREWAX video on - just let us know!

22nd August Update: YouTube have asked us to make it clear that all WIREWAX video content will, for obvious reasons, still require a secondary approval by the YouTube team before a video goes live and that customising a YouTube Brand Channel page is currently only available to those who have advertised with YouTube.