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ROC Group Leads Innovation in Organizational Communications with WIREWAX Studio

We can’t help but shout about the fantastic work our clients create with the endless suite of tools on offer in WIREWAX Studio. Most recently we’ve had the pleasure of checking in with Chicago-based communication agency and Studio user ROC Group.

Welcoming ROC Group into the WIREWAX family was a breeze and a natural fit – in fact, the team at ROC Group is no stranger to interactive, having used the WIREWAX Studio to create meaningful, dynamic content for their clients as Studio subscribers since 2018.

ROC – which stands for “Return on Communication” – specializes in communicating the nuances of employment value, HR programs and change management, bringing innovative means of internal communication to its diverse client base; the most recent of which is interactive video. 

Tools like WIREWAX Studio allow ROC Group to pioneer new forms of storytelling within organizational communications. Most important for ROC Group is incorporating impactful visual storytelling into corporate communications strategy. That’s where cutting-edge interactive technology from WIREWAX comes in: delivering a fresh perspective and dynamic new medium with the potential to disrupt the industry and enhance more “traditional” communication methods such as print. 

Communication technology consultant Zak Risdon has been with ROC Group for more than six years; he, along with managing consultant Jason Mednick, have been spearheading an effort to bring interactive content to the HR and change management sphere. Their experience, combined with award-winning tools of WIREWAX Studio makes them an indispensable part of their clients’ communication strategies. 

“A key [to our interactive strategy] is helping connect people to visual, extremely personalized content,” says Jason. “This makes it easier for them to access relevant information, and then take specific actions based off what they see and hear.”

WIREWAX’s interactive tools have been the perfect fit for ROC Group’s toolbox, enhancing a personalized approach to employee education. By bringing “content branching” techniques to previously linear internal communications, ROC Group is able to offer clients a superior user experience and leverage the science of effective storytelling new ways. According to Zak and Jason, personalization techniques have begun to find their way into organizational communications after maturing in other fields such as external marketing. 

ROC Group is eager to leverage new WIREWAX features, including the all-new Custom Hotspot Uploader, to completely customize any interactive experience and stay on-brand with fonts, colors and graphics. With our custom hotspot uploader, ROC Group is able to create a custom call-to-action that best suits each particular client.

“We see that the branding, including flexibility in style, color and animation is one of the most important things because it’s one of the first things that clients and their viewers notice,” says Zak. “It makes the interactive content feel like it’s very much theirs.”

Being the first to bring WIREWAX’s innovative interactive technology to a traditional, print-focused industry can be a challenge, explains Jason. By nature, corporate tasks like communicating employee benefits can sometimes become administrative and transactional. Organizations don’t necessarily prioritize user experience at the forefront, and because of compliance rules and other regulatory stipulations, they often communicate with employees using detailed and non-interactive materials like PDFs and printed multi-page guides.

“Tools like WIREWAX open up new avenues for us to tell better stories with the content we’ve already created,” says Zak. “Our goal is to become an indispensable expert for introducing elevated storytelling to this industry.”


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