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Shop Direct Sees Soaring Internal Training Success with WIREWAX Studio

UK multi-category online retailer and financial services provider, Shop Direct, needed a way to provide learning content to its 4,000+ colleagues faster and more efficiently. The business wanted a solution that focused on resources with powerful engagement to drive completion of its internal training material.

The Challenge:

Harnessing over a decade’s worth of experience using internal digital training, Shop Direct had a clear understanding of how well the resource worked when it came to the education and professional development of its colleagues.

As a company with big ambitions, Shop Direct was exploring new ways to innovate processes and provide up-to-date, impactful, and memorable training. It was imperative that processes worked smoothly, driving in-house training for new policies that may impact later business.


For Shop Direct’s talent development team, becoming a user of WIREWAX Studio meant unlocking the power to increase engagement with internal training across the business.

Lead talent development partner, Matt Arnold, and digital content designer, Su Harkins utilized a combination of WIREWAX Studio branching tools and our custom-built corporate training module to turn their linear-digital content into dynamic interactive adventures.

Once Shop Direct had perfected the content for internal training purposes, other teams within the business began to uncover the possibilities of interactive experiences for external use in both recruitment and marketing materials.

The Result: 

Adopting the technology for training modules across the business saw average training time decrease enormously by over 50%, bringing the 7-week standard down to 3. Over 10,000 interactions were tracked throughout the content with users interacting 4 times on average with each view and a play rate of 90% achieved overall.

Moreover, Shop Direct colleagues proactively began to positively review the content. More than 750 users left 5-star reviews for the resources, paired with hundreds of positive comments.

Prior to using WIREWAX, this system had shown no activity on either reviews or comments for training material.

When it came to recruiting, Shop Direct used its prior experience to hand-craft pre-optimised content, delivering more than 12 interactions on average per viewer. 82% of all viewers interacted with the experience, measuring at over 4,000 interactions in total to date, almost split evenly across both desktop and mobile.

“Interactive video helps bring your content to life in ways that make it much more engaging and fun for people to watch. WIREWAX has enabled us to take our learning content to the next level. It’s quick, simple to use interface has helped us to create really impressive content that sticks with our colleagues for longer.

It’s also allowing us to think differently about how we can educate our colleagues and try new things, ultimately providing a better experience for everyone.”

Matt Arnold
Lead talent development partner, Shop Direct

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