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Studio Release Notes 7.29.20


The team have been working really hard to get these features out and what a mammoth release this is!!! We have….

🎉 1. Hotspot Refactor  

  • Default hotspot: The animation for this hotspot has been updated there is now a bounding box draw animation and label slide animation.
  • Big Pulse: New hover animation added and it now repositions to top left of container!
  • Standard Hotspot: The font has now been updated to ‘Poppins’
  • Updated icon for the ‘Invisible’ hotspot in the hotspot picker

📱 2. Vertical Overlay Support

  • In the editor the canvas will now match the aspect ratio of the asset
  • On vertical overlays you will have 20 new vertical templates to choose from! You will still have the option though to choose 16:9(Standard Templates), if chosen you will be shown a warning to confirm the change and acknowledge that some adjustments of elements will need to be made.


  • By default there will be no padding set on videos unless set on the vid doc.

🔍 3. Pan & Zoom in the overlay editor!!

You can now pan zoom within the editor using the following shortcuts:

  • Scroll-wheel will zoom in/out on the canvas. This will scroll in at the point of the cursor too.
  • Double click will zoom in 
  • Holding spacebar will update the cursor to a ‘grabber’ icon and allow the user to grab and pan the canvas area!

🔥 4. Other

  • Co-ordinates and size values have been moved from the top right hand side to underneath the panel/element.
  • Major performance improvements while dragging panels/elements (which subsequently allowed for the implementation of pan/zoom and the ruler updates!)



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