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Studio Spotlight: The Best Experiences Created With WIREWAX Studio This August

We’re back with another edition of best interactive experiences created with WIREWAX Studio – this month we saw a little bit of everything come to fruition: from shoppable, to travel, branching to custom hotspots – check out how these publishers and brands brought their traditional video content to life with interactivity.

1. Apartment Therapy

In this choose-your-own-path experience, Apartment Therapy takes viewers on a tour of 4 uniquely decorated college dorm rooms and allows them to purchase the dorm gear that catches their eye straight from the video. 

This Dorm Therapy video utilizes a classic animated pulse hotspot to catch viewer’s eyes, enticing them to click on products. Then, Apartment Therapy activated the Custom Hotspot Creator to change the color of the pulse so it’s easily visible on any product or background. 

This video cleverly supplies each room with a unique ‘Shop The Room’ hotspot paired with a complete catalogue overlay collating every product available to make sure no purchase opportunity is missed during the experience.

2. Milestone Retirement

What better way to showcase a team of talented individuals than with a heartwarming testimonial video? Milestone Retirement took this traditional series of employee interviews and turned it into a fully interactive branching sequence, allowing viewers to choose the testimonials they’d like to explore most. By creating a branching menu with interactive hotspots at the very beginning of the video, Milestone practically ensures maximum engagement as soon as the viewer presses play.

Of course, once viewers are absorbed into the story of one employee, they’re sure to want to revisit the menu to watch the rest. Milestone added jump points that loop the viewer back to the main menu when one testimonial is finished to further encourage lasting content exploration.

3. Contiki

The ubiquitous internet-style quiz gets a revamp thanks to Contiki Travel Tours, who were looking to reach new levels of engagement with their 18-35 audience. Contiki, a millennial travel company, decided on an interactive branching video to help their digital audience discover their ultimate U.S. trip. 

Best of all? This format is entirely repurposable – whether inserting new destinations, new creative, new outcomes, or even a video version. With a killer 72% interaction rate, this format for Contiki has proven effective and can be used over and over.


4. Hypebae for MAC

Our friends at Hypebae are back with another shoppable Choose-your-own-outfit – a style revolution we can personally get behind. On the heels of their interactive adventure for the Nike Air Max Dia comes a collab with MAC’s newest Love Me Lipstick that’s sure to entice loyal brand fans. 

By using a combination of hotspots and branching, Hypebae allows viewers to pick their perfect outfit combo and lipstick Stylist Mecca James-Williams presents the viewer with a choice between two garments, and the viewer’s choices ultimately lead them to the perfect lipstick match for their outfit. 

Finally, the viewer can shop all of MAC’s Love Me Lipsticks thanks to Shop Now hotspots that appear after the viewer has made their final outfit decisions.

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