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The WIREWAX Data Lover’s Guide To Interactive

Earlier this month WIREWAX Co-founder Dan Garraway was on stage during the Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) in NYC, packing out the room with his session, The Data Lover’s Guide To Interactive. 

Couldn’t make it on the day?
Never fear – we’ve recapped everything you missed. 

For starters: why interact? 

Video has been a passive experience for decades. As everything in our lives become more connected and connecting, viewers too are looking for a more connected experience from their brands. 

Touching on the constant connectivity of younger generations, Dan kicked off his session by exploring the heightened demand for two-way conversations between consumer and brand. This is and should be a point of total brand immersion rather than the simplicity of brand viewing. 

What does interactive mean for audiences? 

With WIREWAX, these interactive content pieces become something where the viewer is in total control. This takes the form of an experience where a viewer has the opportunity to become more and more connected as they uncover the information which is most meaningful and resonates most with them.

When it came to Disney, this looked like an experience where users could explore pre and post-production environments, understand more about the characters and also take purchase action immediately to get what they want when they wanted it. 

Working with the U.S F.D.A, this was an information-led experience through which the end goal was to bring viewers toward a memorable piece of content to influence their long term health.

It was an experience that carried unlockable content layered with engaging viewing and immersive exploration. For the viewer, this was so much more than reading an article or watching a video to understand the issue at hand. 

These interactive experiences have proven to be 32% more memorable than traditional video, leaving a lasting impact on any viewer enjoying spending time immersing themselves in the content.

What does this mean for marketers? 

For any savvy digital marketer looking to expand their communication, this means more powerful, more memorable content that is driving countless interactions with your viewers. 

Each interaction your viewer performs unlocks behaviourally-led insights directly portraying preference and brand response, delivering purchase intentions direct to your doorstep. This intentionally and proactively shared data, better known as zero party data, is one of the strongest ways you can inform and grow any marketing strategy for your business.

“If you offer your customer something they value, they will give you something valuable in return.” 

When your audience is spending 47% longer with your video content, what insights and information are they directly handing you in return? 

Dive further into the numbers of interactive with Dan Garraway himself now:

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