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One of the easiest -and fastest- ways you can take your video content farther is by integrating WIREWAX with your online video player. WIREWAX is compatible with the most popular online video platforms like Brightcove, JW Player, Youtube, Vimeo and more. Not only can you seamlessly integrate your interactive videos with the rest of your strategic traditional video offering, you’ll also leverage the power of your own familiar channels and playlists, branding and look that your audience loves. In this article we’ll go over how to use the WIREWAX Sync feature for OVPs like Brightcove and JW; and how to use WIREWAX inside other players’ wrappers, like YouTube or Vimeo player. 


WIREWAX SYNC combines the best of both your WIREWAX interactive video and your own online video platform. Three of the most popular OVPs – Brightcove, JW and ThePlatform – are all integrated to make your interactive distribution as seamless as possible. 

Each of WIREWAX’s integrations with these OVPs are two-way, which means not only can you sync videos from the libraries of your OVP to WIREWAX, but if you upload new video content directly to WIREWAX you can then sync it to your OVP from there. 

 To begin using WIREWAX SYNC, first consult the instructions for how to link your OVP account to your WIREWAX Studio. You’ll need admin access to any OVP you want to connect. The instructions for Brightcove, JW Player, and ThePlatform can be found at the links above. 

Once your credentials are accepted, you’ll notice your video library from your OVP is now visible in the SYNC section of the WIREWAX dashboard. Click on any video in the library to sync that video to WIREWAX. 

Once synced, the video will appear in the Home section of the WIREWAX DAM. Now all that’s left to do is add the interactivity! 

Helpful to note – once you’ve added interactivity to a video that you synced FROM an OVP, there’s no need to sync it back to the OVP. The interactivity is already flowing back to the video ID on the OVP end.

To sync a video that you originally uploaded to WIREWAX to any OVP, click the three-dot menu on the asset in the DAM. You’ll see a “Sync To” option with a list of OVPs to which you’ve added credentials. 

For Brightcove and ThePlatform – once you’ve synced your videos, that’s all there is to it. You can embed your videos as you would any other video via the Brightcove or ThePlatform player.  Refer back to the WIREWAX dashboard to check how your videos are performing. 

For embedding a video in JW Player, first ensure that your video was synced from WIREWAX to JW Player (or vice versa). Then, follow these instructions for embedding the video via a special script to deliver the interactivity.

YouTube and Vimeo

Using your WIREWAX videos on YouTube or Vimeo players differs from using the WIREWAX OVP sync. Rather than syncing your videos to your YouTube and Vimeo libraries, you can ‘wrap’ your videos in a YouTube or Vimeo wrapper and garner views back to your channels. 

First, import your YouTube or Vimeo video to WIREWAX via their respective URLs. The videos must be uploaded to YT or Vimeo first. 

Once you’ve added the interactivity and are ready to embed the video, select the setting on the Embed tab to host your video in either a YouTube or Vimeo player. 

Then, copy the embed code to the right and paste into your site. 

And voila – you’ve successfully hosted your video via YouTube. 

Don’t see your preferred online video platform in this article?

Drop us a note at support@wirewax.com and let us know which player we should integrate with next. 



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