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The Top 4 Uses of Interactive Video

Interactive videos provide numerous advantages that can benefit organizations across multiple industries. From e-commerce and education to DIY and employee onboarding, the ability to have your viewers interact during their learning experience helps to encourage engagement, boost retention, and increase sales.

1. Education

Used in the classroom, interactive videos enable teachers to guide students through their studies while accounting for and supporting different learning styles. Students can benefit by learning at their own pace, but also by choosing how they learn and in what order they understand new concepts and ideas.

2. Product Demonstration

Demonstrating new products using interactive videos opens up a new world of opportunity for e-commerce businesses that can teach customers about their products in a fun and relatable way. Customers can click to configure outfits and clothing products, explore features of electronics, and make their purchases directly within the videos – sort of a “shop while you learn” experience.

3. Recruitment & Company Culture

Employee onboarding can be cumbersome, but the use of interactive videos makes training new hires simple and straightforward without overwhelming them with unnecessary information. On top of improving engagement and retention of new concepts, videos can also be used to build and promote positive corporate culture.

4. How-To and Instructional Videos

Many products require instructions, and including interactive videos can help customers gain the confidence needed to use products effectively. By removing the barrier of “I don’t know how to do it,” you can take advantage of new sales that might not have occurred in the past. In training settings, you can also reinforce the knowledge of specific concepts that are required for completing various tasks without direct supervision.

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