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Tribeca Talks: 5 Key Interactive Video takeaways From Video Industry Elites

Entertainment is evolving and its technology which is revolutionizing it for a truly digital age. There was no better example of this than our recent Tribeca Film Festival panel firmly demonstrating that WIREWAX isn’t alone in its belief that video should be as connected as the rest of the internet.

Our Future of Film: Interactive Storytelling Technology panel was the *fastest* selling talk at Tribeca this year for one good reason: video is evolving and people don’t want to miss this next wave of opportunity.

The event was led by WIREWAX CEO Steve Callanan and co-founder Dan Garraway alongside our friends from Netflix, MGM-owned EPIX, Digital-Reign and Vimeo who joined us from all over the United States to deliver their leading expertise in bringing interactive storytelling to the mass market.

We know that interactive video is the future and that the internet and connected tv environments provide the perfect platform for creators, brands and broadcasters to invite their customers to lean in for an enriched experience. The question is, which of our media heavyweights will tip the balance first?

We’ve cherry-picked the top 5 takeaways from the interactive storytellers themselves. So, here’s what they said:

1. Netflix shares advice on their interactive production process

Netflix shed light on how it’s going to take Interactive Originals mainstream. What’s the key? Production process: developing a non-linear script format, determining a method of delivering rough cuts and create data-driven UI design. Hear how they’re providing their creators with the tools to tell powerful interactive stories:

2. Use an Immersive Script Template

Renowned scriptwriter, Evette Vargas from the golden era of TV and now a leader in new-age storytelling is building a script template standard for immersive storytelling in Final Draft, so any TV series or film creator can understand and easily adapt to the format. Here’s a preview before it launches this May:

3. Interactivity = Personalization

MGM-owned EPIX is one of the fastest-growing premium video networks in the world. Their EVP and Chief Digital Officer, Jon Dakss says interactivity enables them to deliver personalization. Here’s how they’re utilizing WIREWAX technology to achieve this:

4. Leverage creative toolsets

Vimeo, one of the largest video-hosting sites in the world is creating more tools to boost the process of creation and distribution. Check out what Casey Pugh, Head of Creator Labs is working on to bring interactive video and more to the mainstream.

5. Kick the old habits

Netflix realized that interactivity requires a break from the mould. Through data testing, they found interactive tutorials increased engagement by 30%. Now it has become a standard for all interactive experiences.


There you have it — everyone from the leading distributors, content creators and scriptwriters giving you the tools to enrich content with interactive video. Which project will you start with?




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