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Video Interaction & Engagement Analytics

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Video Interaction & Engagement Analytics

Accompanying our interactive video capabilities, WIREWAX provides our users with a highly detailed view into user interaction and engagement analytics to help businesses produce better videos. Statistics showcase the power of interactive video over traditional video where engagement is concerned, and by accessing the data behind each interaction, you can gain a far more comprehensive view of what makes your videos successful.

Track Video Engagement

Behind each video you publish, our video software tracks more than 150 different data points that measure and produce valuable metrics in real-time. Whether you post to your website, app, or across multiple social media channels, you can always see how your videos are performing and where improvements can be made from within our interactive video marketing metrics dashboard. By understanding how your audience interacts with your videos, you can better tailor new videos to match the desires of your customers.

Each individual click is registered and tracked to provide a comprehensive analysis of every video so that you can better understand how your customers behave and what drives their decision-making. Take your video analytics a step further with browser information, device information, and a geographical overview depicting where the most views are coming from. This level of drill-down capability means that you can truly understand your audience and utilize that information to sell more of your products.

Use Interactive Video to Sell More of Your Products

Traditional product videos aren’t nearly as convenient and present customers with several “outs” where they may change their minds instead of acting based on the information provided. With WIREWAX interactive video, customers are instead provided with a deeply integrated commerce customer flow that leads to natural conversions within the site at the time of highest impact. By building valuable relationships through video and then presenting the ability to save or purchase products within the video, the shopping experience is greatly enhanced and leads to higher customer satisfaction.

The data we provide for each video enables businesses to see how long customers linger on specific products and then use that information in their retargeting efforts to generate higher sales figures based on interest.

Powerful Shopify Cart Integration

Our Shopify cart integration is an immensely powerful platform for e-commerce that lets you sell to your customers right inside the video itself. It also easily integrates with any custom API, so no matter what platform you are selling on, you can sell more with WIREWAX.

Our Studio users have the ability to easily merge videos with Shopify-powered sites to create efficient and highly productive sales/conversion funnels. Using either overlay product pages or video hotspots, users can set up a button within the video to serve as a fast-action add-to-cart shortcut. This means that customers can decide to purchase when they are in the midst of the excitement surrounding your products – when their purchase intent is highest and most powerful – and complete the transaction from within your Shopify site.