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We Rework Mango Menswear For Enhanced Purchase Potential

WIREWAX Studio is not only the premier interactive software for hundreds of creators globally, but it’s also an everyday toolkit for our creative team, diving in daily to create exclusive demo experiences for some of the biggest brands occupying the retail space.

Our commerce showcase for the worldwide retailer, Mango, shows off our sleek sticky hotspots in a whole new way.

We Rework Mango Menswear For Enhanced Purchase Potential

Powered by motion-tracking technology, these hotspots stick to the object or product you want to tag, following them throughout the shot. In our example, the hotspot reacts to the viewers hover, growing in size and reverse filling to let them know they can take action immediately.

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After clicking, viewers are delivered a dynamic purchasable overlay complete with product images and info, pricing, and a direct path to purchase. Two more clicks and they are the proud owners of a new addition for their wardrobe.

To kick off the whole experience, we placed a custom poster-frame at the start of the video letting the viewer know that this is an experience they can engage with. These educational poster-frames have become part of our best practice for optimizing any video for engagement because they inform the audience that there is something to look out for in the video while simultaneously preparing them for a lean-in experience.

Couple that with our supercharged metrics at the ready to track every click and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse of purchase-driven content.

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Give our sticky hotspots a spin for yourself now in WIREWAX Studio and flex your commerce style.




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