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WEBINAR: How to Use Interactive Video in The New Normal of Today

Just announced: Next Tuesday WIREWAX’s Customer Success Director, Marissa, will be running an exclusive 30-minute snapshot into interactive video.

With a wealth of knowledge across the video technology space, Marissa will be giving you the information you need to quickly understand if interactive video is the right solution to your fast digital growth and urgent communication needs. 

This half-size Tuesday session gives you access to powerful knowledge first thing in the week, making way for the potential of new medium adoption and enhanced strategy rollout by the following Monday.

What to expect:

  • Hotspots:
    • What are they and how are they used? 
  • Overlays
    • How do they work and what potential do they hold in content elevation? 
  • Branching
    • How leading brands are delivering a more valuable experience by putting the viewer in the control of their content. 
  • Distribution
    • Best practices for optimizing performance in delivery.

This webinar will be essential viewing for anyone seeking to pivot toward valuable, digital-first communication experiences quickly.

Spaces are limited, register now to save your seat.



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