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WIREWAX Announced As Finalists for the IABM BaM Awards® 2019

We are overjoyed to see our elite new offering, Media Services, listed as a finalist in the “Manage” category of the prestigious IABM BaM Awards® 2019. 

Purpose-built with input from the world’s most demanding media operations teams to some of the biggest broadcasters and studios, WIREWAX Media Services isn’t just another handy tool, this has been designed and engineered with some of the smartest AI and Computer Vision scientists to solve all complex media management and workflow tasks, something no one else has managed to achieve.

WIREWAX Media Services is a suite of AI-powered tools working to automatically analyse, process, catalog, and fix video assets at scale. 

Use the API, connect to your existing archive and let the secure and powerful machines crunch through the pixels. The service then returns the data needed, in a format you want, wherever you need it. Alternatively, manage everything and grab that data yourself in the online tool where you can also search, verify and edit any of the results.

This is a unique, unparalleled offering already disrupting the way the entire media and entertainment industry considers their assets. 

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