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WIREWAX is Now Part of Vimeo

By now you will have heard that after 12 glorious years as an independent business, on a tenacious mission to take interactive and commerce video tools to the masses, we’ve been acquired by Vimeo, the global online video platform and leading video software solution.

After many months of talks, testing, analysis of the market and smart foresight, the team at Vimeo saw the opportunity to embrace the world-beating WIREWAX tech and team as part of a wider strategy to empower video creators and experience innovators the world over.

We’ve always said that TV and video will only get more interactive, not less. While the market demand for video is exploding in every aspect of video ideation, production and distribution right now, what better time to combine two creative powerhouses in the video space. The unparalleled technology that the team at WIREWAX has been iterating, fine-tuning and pushing to the bleeding edge for over a decade will eventually be fully integrated  with other capabilities in the Vimeo product suite, including hosting, workflow, distribution and monetization tools. This will enable the over 230 million Vimeo users to benefit from WIREWAX like you have, to create rich, immersive and engaging interactive experiences and exploit an opportunity to see a significant boost in video performance and viewer satisfaction.

We’ve been building an interactive tool inside the Vimeo ecosystem for several months. It’s a fresh build with significant UX and performance improvement and it’s already being tested by some of Vimeo’s most prolific & creative enterprise customers, with enormous success.

If you are an existing WIREWAX customer, nothing will change in the short term. Your videos will still function as normal and you’ll still have access to the WIREWAX Studio, your videos and your performance metrics data. We’ll be reaching out to existing WIREWAX users individually over the coming months to discuss what exciting opportunities this presents in the medium and long term.

If you are a Vimeo subscriber, speak with your account manager or reach out to us here about how you can add our interactive tools to your package.

Being part of the Vimeo family means that; the team that made WIREWAX so successful for so long will have far more resources at our disposal to continue to develop great tools for you. And, we can provide far greater support to serve our existing and new customers going forward into this next exciting chapter of interactive video.

As a group of individuals and as an organisation, WIREWAX has always been deeply passionate about empowering creative video producers to do more with video. Becoming part of the Vimeo community will accelerate our roadmap to put more power into the hands of users and push the boundaries even further with more thrilling capabilities.

I look forward to joining you all on this journey.


CEO & Co-Founder, WIREWAX


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