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WIREWAX Unlocks New Package To Support Freelancers

WIREWAX has been engineering for over a decade to build a robust, versatile, and flexible toolset for creators and innovators. Driven by the need to make video as connected as everything else on the internet, WIREWAX works to empower creatives, storytellers, and innovative thinkers throughout our industry.

In the last week, we’ve seen just how much of an impact our technology can have for brands, companies, and communities alike in driving digital growth and scalable engagement in the face of a global challenge. 

The proven strength of our toolset has shone a light on WIREWAX’s capabilities to deliver on a majority of the urgent communications needs surfacing, and as a result, we have been understanding how to make our toolset more accessible.

This week, we are launching our Freelance package for our friends in the industry experiencing low to no work at the moment.

Tool up for free, develop interactive video application on us, with our technology, and lock in new projects quickly to help you better weather the weeks ahead.

We are proud to have committed unparalleled expertise and funding in developing our world-class tool. Now, that tool is yours for the taking.

Discover the WIREWAX Freelance package now.



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