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WIREWAX Launches State Of The Art Million-Dollar Video Player For Unparalleled Interactive Video Distribution

Video at large, and more specifically interactive video, can only be as strong as the player it is delivered in. Poor load time and in-video lagging had led us to a point where we are demanding more in performance daily from our player.

It is with this at the core of our focus that we have invested $1 million, over a year of research & development time, and our most valuable resources, in creating one of the most powerful interactive video players the world has ever seen. 

Crafted hand-in-hand with our growing, diverse user-base, our team of leading designers, UX gymnasts, strategic developers, system architects and content delivery experts have worked tirelessly to bring the new experience-centric video player to life. 

“Making the decision for such a large investment in this new development was an easy one. WIREWAX is enjoyed by millions of viewers watching and interacting with powerful and engaging experiences every day, and those users are demanding more as patience dwindles and expectation sky-rockets. For that reason, we didn’t want to build a better player in which to serve those videos, we had to build the best. I’m immensely proud of what the team have achieved and our users and their audiences can start to enjoy video as it should be.”

– Steve Callanan, CEO & Co-Founder – WIREWAX

The player itself delivers on performance advancements at every turn, fine-tuned for the optimal interactive experience delivery with speed, efficiency and security at its core. Leveraging the latest in bleeding-edge technology, the player impressively stacks up, and in most cases, outperforms against any other players in the video space. It is positioned as a significant step up to the player currently used across the WIREWAX ecosystem with early tests showing performance at 5 times the speed of current WIREWAX players. 

“We’ve dedicated our best resources and leveraged cutting edge technologies to build this next generation WIREWAX video player in order to provide our users with the tools to build, tailor and distribute the most sophisticated interactive experiences to a diverse range of viewers.” 

– Arjun Sathe, VP Engineering – WIREWAX

Delivering on speed without limits, the lightweight and lightning-fast player has been engineered for global video consumption with no regional restrictions to stand in the way of interactive experience distribution. Platform and CDN agnostic, the player has been reconsidered at every turn to meet the ever-increasing demands from an interactive video-hungry global audience in more extreme, remote and largely mobile conditions. 

What’s more, the advanced new player has been built with motion in mind, providing sleeker, smoother animation potential for in-video dynamic overlays and responsive hotspot design. Our team has optimised further by crafting an environment primed for future plugin integrations, expanding our offering to deliver the most valuable experiences for our client base. 

As with everything we do, our new player is primed for secure delivery. Our team have worked to make sure experiences delivered with WIREWAX are delivered as they should be, where they should be. We’ve enlisted geo-blocking capabilities and bolstered password protection with 128-bit encryption, data hashing and content safe-guarding to give every user peace of mind when distributing bespoke, on-brand interactive experiences with WIREWAX. 

Delivering the new WIREWAX video player with this million dollar investment is another giant step forward in our continual drive as a company to constantly deliver technology that consistently pushes the boundaries on what video can and should be.

More robust, more versatile and more flexible, the new WIREWAX Player is the final piece in your optimised interactive video distribution strategy. 

WIREWAX New Player is in BETA. 

Talk to our team to get more information on how to unlock advanced access to the next generation of WIREWAX interactive video player. 


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