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WIREWAX Privacy Note

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UPDATED 12.07.17

At WIREWAX Ltd we always respect the privacy of our users and we intend to demonstrate that with this Privacy Policy.

We recommend that you check this Privacy Policy on a regular basis as we’re always updating and changing things about how our services work and how we collect the information gathered by the general day-to-day operation of the WIREWAX website and WIREWAX Player.

We’re always keen to hear any thoughts or suggestions so feel free to send us a note. You can also find our address on the contact page.

Information collected

We collect a small amount of information from you during the initial creation of a user account such as name and email address and only ask for more when you upgrade your account to allow you to upgrade to options only available by making a payment. This extra information is what is required by our online merchant account providers in order to process payments swiftly and without any problems.

More often than not, it is very likely that this extra information may be stored on our secure servers based in the UK and the United States and may at some time be transmitted by a secure method between servers.

If you plan on upgrading to an account to make purchases we ask for your name, surname, address and phone number. These details are not shared with anyone else other than our online merchant account providers when making a payment and are kept in a secure environment at all times.

When you eventually come to making a payment you are taken to a external webpage on our online merchant account provider’s website and your information is ‘pushed’ into the relevant fields necessary to complete the online transaction. You will need to add a credit or debit card number, valid from date, valid to date, issue number (where necessary), and last three digits of your security number. None of these details is read, recorded or stored by WIREWAX and they remain in a private dialogue between you and our online merchant account provider.

Top-level performance data

Top-level performance data for each WIREWAX video appears on the public WIREWAX viewing page and includes:

  • views
  • unique viewers
  • tags clicked
  • average tags clicked per engaged view
  • average time engaged
  • number of social shares

An example video viewing page

Each video also displays the number of accumulated tag clicks on the tag navigation bar as standard.

Information, links or images added to tags

Because of the nature of the WIREWAX experience, information that you add to tags in your or other users’ videos is automatically made public the moment a video becomes active. Therefore WIREWAX does not and cannot limit or control the audience that may read or see information or images that you or other users have added to tags.

We may from time to time use and distribute information or images added to tags by you or other users to third-parties or to use for development of the WIREWAX website or WIREWAX Player.

Accessing your information

You can access, change or add to the information kept by us about you on your account page once you log-in to the WIREWAX website. At the moment you cannot delete your account online but users wishing to terminate or delete there account can contact us by sending an email to support@WIREWAX.com.

Other information recorded

When watching and/or interacting with the WIREWAX player an amount of behavioural information is gathered about number of viewers, number of viewings, viewing retention, time of viewing, global location of viewers, buttons pressed where and when, links followed and position of the mouse pointer when over the video frame. This information is recorded against a users IP address, stored by us in a secure environment and available exclusively to the owner/administrator of the video through a graphical display or chart. We may from time to time share this information with other third-parties.

We also collect information about your computer’s performance, your browser, your operating system, your Internet connection speed and errors or problems that occurred during viewing or adding tags to help us improve the performance and reliability of the services we provide. This information is held privately by WIREWAX and not shared with anyone else.

Your rights

You can choose not to provide us with personal or accurate information but that may infringe on the WIREWAX Terms of Use, limit the access to other features and prevent a payment being accepted by our account providers.

You cannot opt-out of all digital and system performance or viewer behaviour information gathered by the WIREWAX Player, however there is no correlation between the global positioning data gathered from your IP address and any personal information.


In the event of a security breach or data loss, we will alert affected users within five working days of the event