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WIREWAX @ SMW: The Context Problem

The noise in the digital content landscape today is almost deafening, yet brands are powering ahead with short-form offerings, leaving a monumental gap in context and a lesser experience for the end-user.

Audiences are being served endless streams of content without any additional depth and this is changing the way we receive, process and retain information. This is coming at a major cost for brands and creating a disconnected experience for content consumers. 

With more and more content with less and less context, we’ve noticed a worrying trendline – a detrimental effect we’ve identified as The Context Problem

As our first session at the mammoth new SMWONE Virtual Event for 2020, WIREWAX VP Platform Growth, Darian Chornodolsky, enlisted the experience of Global Head of Creative for The Wall Street Journal, Will Misselbrook, and Laura Baker-Finch, Executive Director of Content & Strategy for Foundry @ Meredith, to talk through the experience content brings for audiences, and how leaders in the space are approaching the framework to create powerful content with more depth.  

Watch our session back in full now, as we help solve The Context Problem:



the context problem