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WIREWAX Studio Cements Position In The Agency Toolbox

WIREWAX Studio has fast become a trusted tool across diverse and varied verticals. The range of applications the suite of tools is capable of means the technology has steadfastly grown to successfully serve some of the biggest companies in travel, entertainment, corporate communication, education, and beyond. 

Now more than ever, WIREWAX is growing to become an integral toolset serving the agency landscape. 

Due to the nature of the cloud-based tool, WIREWAX Studio opens itself up to limitless creative potential reinforced by inter-team collaboration capabilities, whether it be a hero interactive piece at the core of any major campaign, a fully interactive landing page, an interactive trailer experience, or a utensil for extended learning. The extensive and continually expanding technology made possible with WIREWAX Studio’s proprietary computer vision and machine learning algorithms really do mean the sky is the limit. 

The WPP-owned agency, Group SJR, is just one on a roster of creative houses coming to build WIREWAX Studio into their daily use toolkit. For Group SJR, this is breaking down barriers from concept to end-project delivery for their creatives. 

“The WIREWAX Studio empowers our creators to do what they do best; create & innovate.”

Jackie Reyneke, Account Strategist, Group SJR

Working alongside the like of Reebok, the team have relied on WIREWAX Studio to unlock a world of undeniably engaging interactive possibilities, continually pushing them ahead of the competition and allowing the innovative agency to set a new standard in content. 

“WIREWAX has allowed us to bring fresh ideas to the table with our clients in new and exciting ways”

Megan Grapengeter-Rudnick, Associate, Group SJR

In good company, New York’s Group SJR is alongside an ever-growing community of agencies expanding their competitive offering potential and delivering stellar interactive experiences at scale. 

Creative pioneers, MOX London, are accelerating agency offering using WIREWAX Studio’s branching technology to deliver an interactive trailer like no other for the new Football Manager 2020. 

Innovation-led marketing agency, Made By Sonder, are dynamically driving forward with WIREWAX Studio to optimise content for sublime, unparalleled experience expansion for their clients. 

Trailblazers in digital impact, Rocket55, have just joined the WIREWAX Studio user pool, jumping into a package that will see them soar to new heights throughout 2020 and beyond. 

Backed by the support of the creative leaders that make up team WIREWAX, agencies are giving themselves the power to diversify their offering and delivery out-of-the-box thinking optimised for engagement in a unique, breakthrough format. Creating experiences that stack on performance thanks to the WIREWAX metrics dashboard means agencies can expand confidently, impressing clients and earning a reputation that puts them at the forefront of the experience-centric creative technology evolution. 

Get to know WIREWAX Studio now for your next campaign. 


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