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WIREWAX’s What’s In A Vape Wins People’s Vote At Creative Pool Awards 2019

The people have spoken! WIREWAX scooped the People’s Choice at the CreativePool Awards this week for their work with the US Government.

In the first-ever national youth vaping education campaign, WIREWAX, alongside FCB New York and the FDA created a mobile-first interactive 360 experience with hard-hitting facts, designed as an investigative game to grab teen’s attention.


Whatsinavape.com was part of a huge cross channel public health campaign that included targeted media and TV commercials, all pointing to the interactive video as the hero piece of content.

Engagement with Whatsinavape.com exceeded expectations monumentally with the average viewer interacting an average of 7 times throughout the experience.

”Working closely with FCB New York, we feel we created a fantastic experience not only showcasing what can be done with great design, assets, and vision within interactive video, but also how important creativity can lend itself to a powerful message such as this campaign. Quite a few new paradigms were developed within our system to make sure this experience was as effective as possible in spreading such a compelling message and it has been incredibly rewarding seeing how well this project has been received.”
-Nathan Wray, Creative Technical Director – WIREWAX Creative Solutions Team

The FDA needed the ability to reach over 10 million teens across the country knowing traditional methods could not generate the engagement necessary to create change. They turned to interactive to solve their challenges, and it’s safe to say it worked.





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