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The team at National Geographic produced this piece of branded content for IKEA to make it easy for viewers to share, and shop the most dangerous places on the planet, bedroom habitats. Throughout the video, motion tracking hotspots showcase the perfect pieces for your own habitat, allowing you to simply select them to find out the item’s details, as well as the ability to purchase the item straight away. Viewers were highly engaged with the products highlighted in the video, clocking over 60 seconds of time in the overlays. That’s what we call a “super-impression”.


Time spent in overlays on average, delivering a "super-impression"


Interactions per active viewer, proving rich feature set worked


Of product hotspots were explored by viewers

client goals

  • Longer quality spent between your audience and your content
  • Action-driven design with lasting brand impact
  • Optimised end-user experience, delivering on content your audience looks forward to returning to again and again

our solution

  • WIREWAX Studio to independently create completely custom interactive experienced for multi-market delivery
  • Our advanced Saas tool delivers on features for unrestricted interactive application
  • In-depth metrics provide behavioural learnings to better understand and optimise toward your key audience