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NBCUniversal continues to pave the path for innovation with the recently launched NBCUniversal Checkout with WIREWAX technology. NBCUniversal Checkout connects the interactions within video to the cart on site, allowing a seamless conversion at the point of purchase intent on products across NBC properties. Through the combination of commerce video and the NBCUniversal Checkout’s add-to-cart immediacy, NBC has seen 30% higher conversion rate compared to the average industry benchmark.


Average time spent interacting


Conversion rate


Interactions per active viewer

client goals

  • Elevate at-home production content
  • First-ever NBCUniversal Checkout Video
  • Reduce buyer friction

our solution

  • Ecommerce API connects Player API to Universal Cart
  • ‘Shop Now’ hotspot immediately triggers the cart
  • Accessible across all videos regardless of embed location