WIREWAX is a world leading connected video technology company based in London and New York. The platform delivers interactive video at scale to brands, broadcasters and agencies around the globe and boasts over 20,000 clients who use the technology to deliver shoppable video and deeper engagement experiences. The company has gone through substantial growth and is embarking on its most defining stage of development.


Two aspects to data at WIREWAX:

1) As a key product component - video performance metrics. We collect and consume thousands of messages a day and aggregate them in real time. We need to provide reliable performance metrics to our clients.

2) Company/business intelligence - how many users we have, what they’re doing, where they’re dropping off. Data warehousing. Providing support to marketing staff.

You will need to be comfortable doing both.

Our data stack uses:

  • Python, including Pandas and Numpy

  • MongoDB

  • Amazon SQS

  • A little bit of Amazon Kinesis Streams



  • A good grasp of the importance of data.

  • A passion for analysing data and providing invaluable insights for our users and for the Founders to make strategic business decisions.

  • Experience of Python (Pandas, Numpy)

  • Ability to plug-in event listeners to wide and fragmented data points using 3rd-party tools or developing your own hacky but reliable methods.

  • Ability to store, manage and automate the aggregation of data from multiple sources.

  • Ability to engineer solutions to process related and unrelated data to allow for meaningful analysis.

  • Have basic but proficient front-end experience to be able to display and visualise data in a web environment in the cloud and on local status screens.


Equivalent experience essential:

  • SaaS user data analysis

  • Business-level data analysis

  • Experience with AWS products

  • Experience with MongoDB / NoSQL

  • Streaming data, AWS Kinesis/Apache Kafka/similar

  • Data warehouse design, ETL, OLAP


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