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A guide to getting your WIREWAX video live



This is a brief explanation and non-exhaustive list of places where your WIREWAX video can be shared, embedded and placed on your own owned and operated media and on 3rd-party pages or distribution channels. Contact your WIREWAX representative for more information if required.


Operated Webpages

Operated Webpages

Your owned & operated webpages

Your video can be embedded on your own webpages, blogs and media channels using a number of methods.

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Standard WIREWAX iframe
In the WIREWAX Studio 'Publish Settings' you can grab your video’s iframe script to drop into your own webpage.


Wordpress Pages
Use the embed.ly plugin and wrap your iframe as above.


JavaScript Embed Code
We understand some users can only embed using a JavaScript code package rather than an iframe. Please speak with your WIREWAX representative about providing you with a JavaScript option.


Some of our clients have restrictive CMS systems - speak with your WIREWAX representative about how to best integrate your video.

Paid Media

Paid Media

Paid media

Distribution Paid Media

VAST / VPAID ad units

Display ads

Pre-roll / In-stream/ Outstream ads





Distribution Social

Use WIREWAX in Facebook’s Instant Articles (for mobile) using the iframe described above. Use WIREWAX in Facebook featured tabs (for desktop) using woobox.com. Include the Facebook metatags in your webpage so links in Facebook appear with an image, title and text. Note: WIREWAX will not appear in the Facebook feed or Facebook Canvas formats like native Facebook videos.

YouTube doesn’t have support for rich media formats so your WIREWAX video will not be displayed on a YouTube watch page. You can use YouTube as a host using our YouTube player wrapper so you will still accumulate vanity views on your YouTube video from all you WIREWAX views. Your video can also be embedded into YouTube masthead ad units (desktop only).

WIREWAX is whitelisted to embed the interactive experience into the Twitter Player Card. The WIREWAX video will appear in the tweet itself on desktop and mobile. Note: to embed through the publisher’s own Twitter account, they must gain Player Card approval from Twitter.

WIREWAX is an official Snapchat partner as interactive video partner. Videos can be used inside Snapchat through Snap Ads Web View. Use the WIREWAX iframe as described above. For portrait, square or non-16:9 video aspect ratios speak with your WIREWAX representative.

Videos can be used inside Instagram through Ads Web View. Use the WIREWAX iframe as described above. For portrait, square or non-16:9 video aspect ratios speak with your WIREWAX representative.

Use the iframe embed code described above.

Traffic Drivers

Traffic Drivers


Traffic drivers

As an alternative to seeding your video out to channel, we recommend using more cost effective promotions to drive traffic to your own destination.


Teaser videos
Use ‘digital breadcrumbs’ like the screen recorded viewer experience below to lead to a destination experience (where you have full creative control) in native posts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others.

PR stories
Create PR stories leading to destinations like Disney did with Fandango here.


Direct Media

Direct Media


Direct media & publisher channels

Use WIREWAX’s network of media and publisher channels to promote and seed your video. Speak with your WIREWAX representative about leveraging any of the options below.