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Our self-serve Studio platform is your new toolset for making interactive videos and commerce video experiences

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step 1

upload your video

Simply upload your video file directly from your computer or paste URLs for any video from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo or even Google Drive.

step 2

add hotspots

Once uploaded, start adding interactive video hotspots to your video. Add static hotspots that don’t move for simple interaction points or add sticky hotspots that stick to your people, objects or products as they move (and have 10x higher interaction rates).

step 3

publish your interactive video creations

Once you’ve created your interactive video simply embed the experience onto your website using our embed code, or drop it into Facebook, Instagram or more with our straightforward guide and start seeing those interactions come in. WIREWAX is the only interactive video creation platform to be selected as a Facebook Marketing Partner.

step 4

watch the interactions

Track live and real time performance analytics and start measuring how your clickable videos are performing with beautiful and extensive charts, graphs and interaction metrics. Make adjustments to your experience and start seeing the impact immediately.

see the results

commerce video

We’ve been helping brands and retailers convert views into dollars and viewers into customers by making interactive videos for over a decade. Inspire your viewers with creative, then seamlessly convert their intent by making the products actually purchasable within your video.

  • Increase Conversions by 20 - 30%
  • 9X increase on purchase intent

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Join punchy publishers like News Corp and Meredith, and ad-tech powerhouses like Taboola and Unruly, in supercharging video ad units that drive up to 5X longer engagement. Linear video simply doesn’t compare to interactive video.


Interactivity puts the viewer at the center of the action, enabling more effective communication with greater context and faster outcomes. Create interactive videos that leave an impact on your audience.


Join the interactive video makers empowering viewers. Use interactive video creation to navigate stories, dig into details, and be wowed by experiences that inform, educate, and entertain.

technology by humans, for humans

Grab a hand, this is your team

Darian is the most passionate man you’ll meet in interactivity. An original in the world of interactive video, he’s nurtured teams both small and large through to success and leads growth from wwx nyc.
Marissa is the voice and more often than not the face of wirewax tutorials, working closely alongside studio creators to operate at high-pressure deadlines and high performance with zero stress.
Conrad has broad technical ownership of the studio creator toolset along with our Media Services platform and delivers the warmest smile on the internet to creators across our key territories of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Looking out for the best interests and needs of our clients, Bryan lends an ear and hand to anyone looking to evolve the way they use video.
A creative brain that births our best work, Poxy oversees our Creative team and operations out of wwx ldn. Also, makes the tea.
Combining jedi-like dev powers with finely tuned graphic design skills, Jen works closely with wwx users to help bring their interactive visions to reality.
Earl Adams
Account Director, FCB NY

"Working with WIREWAX is a great pleasure. In addition to delivering cutting-edge creative and immersive technology, they are an incredibly responsive team."

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