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Let the audience know they can interact

There’s a number of ways of doing this.

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State at the beginning with text e.g. “this video is interactive! - click to find out more”

Voice over / narration

Presenter - using presenters / artists to talk directly to your audiece is a tremendously powerful tool. e.g. “want to find out more about this, - click this now”

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Have a hotspot within the
first few shots

If the audience now knows they can interact with the video - they want to, and will be frustrated if there’s nothing to click on within the first few seconds.

WIREWAX Best Practice
Shooting Guide Numbers (Three)

Let shots run a little longer

Where you want viewers to interact try letting shots run a little longer - 3 seconds or more are most successful. This doesn’t mean your video has to be baggy or slow, just where you’re encouraging interaction, try and allow more time for the viewer to move their mouse/hand and interact.

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Shooting Guide Numbers (Four)

Focus on a few items

Try not to overcrowd a shot with too many taggable items. Try to focus on 2-3 items to avoid the hotspots taking over.

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Shooting Guide Numbers (Five)

Get the best interaction rates

Best interaction rates comes from objects that are in full frame. Objects in big-close-ups or abstract shots don’t work so well for interaction points.

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Shooting Guide Numbers (Six)

Be creative

Try new stuff. This is a new creative layer to your video experience, feel free to try out new ways of calling your audience to interact and engaging with the viewer.

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