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Fancy Footwork from Well Heeled Luxury

True pioneers of the retail world, Moda Operandi is the first and only destination that allows customers to preorder looks straight off the runway. Enlisting the help of wireWAX, Moda continues to reign supreme by debuting an exclusive line of Paul Andrew footwear through shoppable video.

As the video plays, Paul Andrew speaks about his 15 year journey in the world of fashion and how he came to designing his eponymous line of luxury womens shoes. As he begins sketching designs from his Spring 2014 campaign, a semitransparent white tag appears with black a “Shop Now” call to action and responds to interaction to let you know you’ve hit the target.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 7.14.45 PMWith one click, Paul’s sketches come to life with an interactive side panel and viewers are able to scroll through images of fabulous footwear. Fancy something? Click “Buy Now” and you’re taken straight to Moda to purchase. Interesting in seeing more? Simply scroll through the carousel and browse all of the Paul Andrew collection.

Making sure all of their loyal fans can see their new shoppable endeavor, Moda has decided to place this video smack dab on their homepage. Go ahead and take a look for yourself!

We are absolutely chuffed to have another luxury retailer on the books at wireWAX and Moda is one of the world’s most recognized and innovative brands for premium couture to be added to the list.

Controversial? wireWAX smashes TV market.

You must have heard someone whirring their coffee with a dainty spoon at a conference and whimsically talking of the passive viewer becoming the active user. It’s the talk of our time that brands are becoming publishers and they want their audience to lean forward and engage with their content.

wireWAX is obviously a big part of that – amongst us are thousands of users and hundreds of brands looking to encourage their viewers to step out and click or touch what interests them in the video. But, how do we do this effectively and appropriately for a wide range of audiences and purposes?

Brands have the ability to design their own tags. This is their call to action. Their chance to reach out and grab the viewer. Many, like our friends over at the NFL and L’Oréal, have created something that is very obvious and perhaps, for some, too “over the top”. Others like Dazed & Confused and Coach, decided to go with a more discrete, minimalistic approach. Each serves a purpose, but who is to say which is the right one?


Users have the option to choose their own tag display ‘mode’ at the top-center drop down. The options there are 1) switching the tags off, 2) having the tags appear upon rollover, or 3) tags always on. Does it take it too far to have a bold tag and the tags turned on? Should you couple a more discrete tag with the display on?

Broadcasters are looking for new and innovative ways to organically incorporate advertising opportunities into their shows. A new-age product placement in a time where viewers are turning to their computers to watch their favorite programs.

Target went with a bold tag design for their shoppable Cougar Town video. It was their decision to have the glowing red tags on all the time throughout the video. Was this too much? Could they have gone with a more discreet design or perhaps opted to only display tag upon rollover? Or is this a necessary evil of viewer education?


For many viewers of, shall we say, an older generation, the purpose of film and video has always been to sit back and enjoy the experience. Interactivity or shoppability might feel like an unwelcome interruption of the experience, but are we not venturing into a new territory here? Encouraging viewers to becoming users and having the ability to learn more about your viewers.

In many cases, viewers will see a product in video that they want to purchase or learn more about and have no direct ability to do so. Are we saving the laborious and frustrating process of searching online for the product by providing a direct avenue to purchase?

At the end of the day, the goal is to drive sales – will bold integration prove it’s worth? Or has this all gone too far?

Where’s the share button?

So, we’ve looked and there isn’t a ‘share’ button on the QWERTY keyboard. Aside from the obvious infringement of the Trade Description Act, if it had existed, it points to a rather interesting problem… sharing isn’t as simple as making a button :/

It’s all well and rather rampantly good to make an amazing interactive experience but, people have got to find it to engage with it. That’s why it was ruddy brilliant to see one of our latest and greatest users, and incidentally, the world’s largest broadcaster, the BBC – recently take to the social skies (insert horrific graphic of facebook logos in the sky). They used wireWAX for their investigative, interactive trailer for the hugely popular crime-drama series, Luther and weren’t shy when telling the world about it.

Building on the success of BBC News’ Deepwater Horizon interactive mini-documentary, the world’s favourite Auntie set to work on their 2nd wireWAX extravaganza – a trailer with clickable and touchable (yes, mobile too) floating animated text that appears at significant times throughout the promo. Interacting with the text takes the viewer down a new rabbit hole to unseen, exclusive videos and photos from the upcoming mega-series. The whole experience is; as investigative; as compelling and original as; the series itself. For die-hard Luther fans it is a chance to explore content they wouldn’t see anywhere else and watch mini-clips ahead of the series launch. In stark contrast to BBC News’ popular experiment it gives everyone a taste of how fiction and drama content can exploit interactive video too.

But, what took this video a step further was where viewers engaged over the first week of launch. It’s a little known fact that your wireWAX iframe embed code can go virtually anywhere! That means your video is your outreach worker. Your video travels. Your video can appear where others have spent time, money and resources building audiences. The deployment of the Luther experience was a testament to that. We saw it entertaining viewers in hundreds of prime online locations, including leading British newspapers, TV talk sites, media blogs and much more. Remember, wherever your video appears, all the interactivity appears too.

Then, of course, it gets social. We were amazed at how far and how quickly the video was shared. We took screen-grabs of the trailer in thousands of Facebook posts and tweets. Note, that was ‘in’ posts and tweets – yes, there’s no need to ask your viewers to navigate away from Facebook news feeds or Twitter streams to yet another web page (remember microsites?), or read through a blog – no, no; not for Luther fans – they can watch and interact within a Facebook post or the actual tweet – just like all wireWAX videos – making the whole experience infinitely more enticing and engaging.

A great execution by the BBC and their illustrious partners, Red Bee Media. We, alongside most Luther fans, look forward to seeing what they do next. Applause!

wireWAX gets Messi!

When we say Lionel – who do you think of? OK, Richie… but when we say Messi – who do you think of? Well, there’s only one Lionel A Messi and as some of the more eager wireWAX beavers will have noted, last week saw arguably the world’s greatest footballer post to his 45 million strong fans that he had his own museum, courtesy of his sponsor Adidas! Yes! Well, ‘yes’ if you were in the home of the museum in Barcelona. Sad face if you were in-fact in Barnsley or Brooklyn.

Barnsley: no Messi Museum :(

Barnsley: no Messi Museum :(

So, Adidas asked their agency, Iris to think about ways in which they could make the gallery accessible beyond Spanish federal borders. Iris picked up the phone. It was time to press the ‘wireWAX button’.

wireWAX Button: Installed in the offices of brands, broadcasters and agencies the world over

wireWAX Button: Installed in the offices of brands, broadcasters and agencies the world over

In all seriousness we’ve been tremendously impressed by Iris. We’re delighted to say wireWAX is used by thousands of free users and over 60 top brands, broadcasters and agencies to make video as interesting and interactive as the web around it. Brands often use wireWAX directly to make their videos shoppable or the experience more memorable and engaging, but agencies have a significant part to play in making those signature campaigns, those defining experiences that push wireWAX further.

That said, there are few agencies who see wireWAX one week and have a project live the next. It’s testament to both ballsy creative acumen and wireWAX’s rapid, customisable platform that this incredible experience was concepted, shot, edited and tagged in just 1 week.

The video, now live on Team Messi Facebook and soon across the world of internets allows you, the humble *INSERT LOCATION HERE* viewer to walk through the museum with that natural inquisitive eye and, as you would in the museum, stop to look at memorabilia from Messi’s illustrious career so far. You can get background on his 4 Ballon d’Or awards by just clicking on them, you can see an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, buy the boots from his collection and even enter a competition – all within the video, on click and on touch (yes, mobile too) and all in your own language (it works that out as well!). It’s a truly engaging experience. But, don’t take our word for it. In just one week we’ve seen over 154% interaction rates and fans lingering on content for nearly 40 seconds. It’s obscene! And in a time when wireWAX’s shoppable prowess is grabbing the headlines, a great reminder that experience-led content with ‘interactive’ as 50% of the creative campaign can reward both viewers and content creators in digital spades.

Just one of Messi's shiny shiny trophies in a wireWAX overlay!

Just one of Messi’s shiny shiny trophies in a wireWAX overlay!

Well done Team Messi and Iris.

Like and see it for yourself!

A Humongous BBC News and wireWAX Collaboration

The stats are in! We can now reveal how the UK consumes its news.

When the UK wakes, when it sleeps, when it thinks about another cuppa and how it consumes its news – it’s all been revealed thanks to a humongous BBC and wireWAX collaboration that launched last week.

When the world’s largest news organisation comes knocking, we answer and we couldn’t have been more amped when BBC News came to us with an idea to create a beautiful interactive mini-doco with wireWAX technology.

The interactive experience was to be a digital exposé of the ongoing impact of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. 3 years after the ultra-deepwater drilling rig exploded, took the lives of 11 crewmen and caused the largest offshore oil spill in US history the lives of thousands of local residents are still affected.

The innovative use of wireWAX would allow viewers to click oil workers, hoteliers and objects in the main ‘trunk’ video to ‘branch off’ and watch extra stories of those affected; or see animated charts and hard-hitting statistics illustrating the real impact.

Over the weeks leading up to the 3-year anniversary, a very talented BBC News team created a series of clips and interviews in and around the Gulf of Mexico; while, back in London the wireWAX elements were being built and pressure-tested for desktop and mobile. So encouraged by the result, senior news execs were keen to see the video promoted on the BBC News homepage for the 24hrs of the anniversary. As a result, the video would attract hundreds of thousands of views and interactions.

No stranger to high-demand, mahoosive numbers of viewings and mega-spikes in activity, wireWAX is certainly capable of delivering an unprecedented quality of service. However, this was the first time a wireWAX video would be promoted in such a prominent manner and in such a busy week for news – it was a priceless opportunity to monitor viewer behaviour over a typical working day.

From 1am BST on April 19th the Deepwater Horizon story was launched to much fanfare and promoted as an interactive feature on the BBC News homepage as promised.

The video featured on BBC News online in the UK and International editions WOO!

The viewing numbers have been counted and verified and they paint a fascinating picture of how the country interacted with the content and how it goes about its daily business.

The number of viewers from all over the British Isles grew steadily into hundreds of thousands as morning broke and left a fascinatingly wobbly chart in its wake throughout the day. The interaction rates were even more impressive, consistently hovering around 90% – 9 out of 10 viewers consumed at least one extra piece of wireWAX content during the experience.

Not only this but the pattern of viewings throughout the day illustrated an intriguing pattern of human behaviour for a normal friday. Views rapidly accumulated as Britain woke and consumed its news fix. Viewings take an inexplicable dip at mid-morning… while perhaps, erm.. Facebook activity may spike :/

Numbers return to rapid growth approaching midday before a double-dip to coincide with the 12pm or 1pm luncheon dash to Pret.

A peak after lunch is followed by a slow but steady drop-off as the taste for a friday night, pint-sized refreshment teases the British workforce.

The home commute at 5pm punches the last distinctive wedge in the plotted numbers and then tails off into the night as we all switch off for the day.

Viewers given opportunity to click on key characters and objects within the video!

Keen followers of wireWAX will know early commercial adopters of the technology have mainly created shoppable video experiences but, BBC News’ use of wireWAX is an inspired exploration of how the technology can be used to advance video storytelling and developing interactive news experiences.

The ability to offer viewers more content and information, all at the click (or touch – it’s available on mobile and tablet too, wireWAX addicts!) of a moving person or object is – not only an exciting way to increase engagement – but a way to give viewers access to deeper, richer content when they want it.

See and hear more from video-in-video and even get animated statistics and breakdowns around the disaster and its aftermath.

This recent collaboration is further evidence that the BBC is still keen to be at the forefront of innovation and progress and to coincide with their 90 year anniversary this demonstrates their continued determination to find new and better ways to communicate with audiences.

Global first, wireWAX hits YouTube

The wheel! The human species most circular achievement.

Fire, the wheel, man steps foot on the moon…

wireWAX has its own share of achievements which we like to believe sit equally alongside these past awesome human accomplishments. Apart from being the first taggable video tool, creating motion tracking hotspots and our long list of user widgets, you would be hard pressed to believe that we had much more to do. Rest assured this is only the beginning and in fact last week saw the start of a whole new list of achievements, starting with this exciting announcement:

Our taggable, touchable technology has finally hit YouTube.

Caveman filming first fire, going to upload to wireWAX to tag the flames to show his friends.

Some of you may remember that back in August, after passing numerous technical compliance tests, we received the green light from the folks at the biggest video platform in the Universe. Like the well known phrase ‘all good things come to those who wait’, it took time to get the wheels in motion, but after much anticipation, it was January 2013 that we finally saw Nike (no stranger to wireWAX, having created a number of interactive wireWAX videos in the past), bring about this global first and boy was it worth waiting for.

So why the excitement? Well apart from attracting 800 million users, accumulating over 4 billion hours viewed everyday and having 72 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube at present has only dipped its toes into the taggable, shoppable video game, with its basic annotations tool. Nike’s use of wireWAX sees a huge leap forward from these basic annotations. A leap that many brands have been crying out for on YouTube for some time.

Neil was gutted he left his camcorder at home, he really wanted to try out tagging Buzz and the rest of the lads on the moon.

And what better way to begin our interactive assault on YouTube than on a beautifully executed interactive video from said sportswear giants, Nike. The video, built around Nike’s global #makeitcount campaign, allows viewers to click or touch tags and see the goal that the on screen athlete has set themselves. Mobot fans will be excited by the appearance of Mo Farah, along with other superstars such as Alex Morgan and Serena Williams who each leave a pledge for 2013. The viewer can then join in and share these goals on Facebook, tweet the goal on Twitter, join the community and even listen to or buy the soundtrack (an amazing, uplifting, beat-pounding track by Tim Myers called ‘Get Together’) … all within the video created with wireWAX.

For Nike this has proved a hugely successful way of interacting with its ever growing community of followers, an ongoing aspiration that is crucial for them to achieve. From the beginning it was paramount for Nike that interactivity would be the centre of their campaign, allowing their followers to share in the experience and join others like them, not simply being a straight click to shop video as we have seen before.

Present day awesomeness, wireWAX on YouTube.

For those who have not seen the video yet (then what in the name of biscuits are you waiting for?) it is currently on the Nike YouTube channel front page.

and also on

Those with a branded channel and who are advertising with YouTube have no reason to wait anymore. With Nike’s exemplary example of what can be achieved with wireWAX and YouTube, it should be easy to see how you can reach out to your viewers and really engage through some super interactive hotspot technology on your video content.

Get wireWAXing YouTubers!

‘Special Relationship’?? America and Britain – BFF!!

A hilarious merging of the flags of two great nations.

When clumsy British mastermind, Sir Walter Raleigh first stepped foot on the great land of the Americas 420 years ago, it was a pivotal and tumultuous point in the history of mankind. Fortunately, his failed attempt to tame the Home of the Brave led the way for future, more successful settlements and Britain became… erm… the most influential and important colonizers of the New World! (according to my Grandad).

A slightly sozzled Sir Walter Raleigh on arrival state-side.

Similarly to the way the people of little Britain went on to infiltrate and influence the majority of the people of Earth all those years ago, spreading the use of the awkward handshake, the twizzled moustache and a jolly good knees-up, wireWAX is spreading its army of (thankfully, significantly less brutal) advocates. Not based on military, financial or bumbling might but with a half-decent piece of video technology that actually changes lives (or, perhaps just videos) for the better!

Over the last year, new wireWAX users, in that funny old land they call the ‘United States of America’, where people say things like, ‘get yo fanny in tha house y’all bitches!’, and, ‘Sup bud? Get me sum of that moonshine be fo I bust yo janky butt’ – have surpassed the rest of the world by some significant margin. They’ve rapidly embraced the potential to make their unintelligent video content infinitely more interactive and have found solace warmly embraced in the arms of the world’s first taggable video platform.

Churchill and Truman share a chuckle over non-wireWAX videos.

wireWAX continues to annihilate barriers to clickable/touchable video; bringing self-serve taggable video to the masses around the globe. And, in that place across the pond, where they don’t know their crisps from their loos, they’ve taken to tagging videos like a British Bulldog in a china shop – giving video a proper good shake about the aloominum knickers.

For that reason it made perfect sense for the British to once again lay claim to a miniscule part of American soil to support and represent our cousins embarking on a fundamental change to their video outlook. So, it’s only the beginning of a larger global presence but what better way to start than with our old chums across the pond and once again uphold a small change to the ways of thinking of another nation.

If you’re lucky enough to be a wireWAX fan in the Land of the Free you now have full, rubber-stamped, Royal approval to crack on, safe in the knowledge you have the support and double thumbs-up from your good friends in residence. Onwards and upwards America!

YouTube Gives wireWAX the Green Light for Interactive Videos on

Since the idea for wireWAX was first conceived a common question has always plagued the minds of our team and, of course, our delightful users – ‘Will we ever see the wondrous wireWAX taggable video technology on the biggest video platform in the universe?’

As from today, the answer to that question is, ‘yes, our friends, yes you will’.

After a long and arduous process of technical compliance, massaging code and tweaking the user experience – our good friends at YouTube have finally approved the wireWAX player for placement by those YouTube Partners who have the ability to customise their YouTube Brand Channel pages (subject to secondary individual video approval).

Does this mean you’ll see wireWAX on YouTube? In a word, yes.

YouTube has a very strict policy for the placement of 3rd-party content on brand channels and certainly won’t allow any half-baked tech on their consistently polished platform. So when, with the help of some of our acclaimed clients (themselves global power brands), who helped raise the profile of wireWAX amongst those who matter at YouTube – everything changed.

We were privileged to start conversations with some of most unexpectedly helpful folk at YouTube – whose first reaction was, ‘…this is a very cool,  slick experience!’ – so wireWAX was off to a good start.

We’ve all heard the statistics a million times; over 4 billion hours of video watched each month, 72 hours of video uploaded every minute, 500 years of YouTube video watched every day on Facebook, over 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter each minute, etc., etc., all extremely impressive and probably already out of date. There’s no denying that YouTube is the first place for viewers looking to be entertained, informed or educated by video so there’s always been a desire to mix the magical interactivity of wireWAX with the undeniably massive audiences at

The YouTube Partner Program was launched in 2007 and has allowed over a million partners from all over the world to create a branded channel page. Earlier this year YouTube went one-step further and helped partners create their own custom channel page. Brands who advertise can now customise their presence on YouTube, including adding interactive widgets and 3rd-party content. For example; Nike Football, Pepsi and Gillette have all embraced the opportunity to do something different within their custom channel.

Sharing wireWAX videos on Facebook has been available since early 2011 and accounts for 2% of all wireWAX viewings; and along with 3rd-party player integration with platforms such as Brightcove and Viddler, the wireWAX wrapper for YouTube has been part of our arsenal for some time now. The wrapper allows users to exploit the powerful distribution platform with the unique functionality of wireWAX on their own websites, blogs, social media, etc.. Being able to place the combination of these two powerful technologies back on to the YouTube website has always been the ultimate goal.

You’ll notice a few subtle changes to this new integration and a much more seamless experience. Brands who advertise with YouTube and who fullfil their minimum spend requirements can now take their powerful interactive wireWAX’d video and distribute through to their hungry audiences.

It’s a massive leap forward for wireWAX and further evidence that yet another global power brand believes in wireWAX and are confident we’re doing things right.

If you’re already a YouTube Partner with your own channel page, you currently advertise with YouTube and would like to put your wireWAX video on – just let us know!

22nd August Update: YouTube have asked us to make it clear that all wireWAX video content will, for obvious reasons, still require a secondary approval by the YouTube team before a video goes live and that customising a YouTube Brand Channel page is currently only available to those who have advertised with YouTube.