The savviest automotive marketers have already adopted interactive video as part of their current strategies.

Gone are the days in which automotive advertisers can simply shoot flashy footage of their latest model speeding through the mountains on a summer's afternoon. Yes, car brands sell a lifestyle, but they also sell cars with features of all shapes and sizes too.

Modern digital consumers expect more. In an era where e-commerce is commonplace and even high-cost items, such as cars, can be purchased online with a few taps of a button, giving people access to the details is important and ultimately speeds up their ability to make a buying decision, unassisted.

Consumers spend on average 60% of their auto-buying time researching vehicles and features with a significant downtick in the number of people visiting multiple dealers as part of the process.

Interactive video offers automative marketers powerful video features.

  • Educate perspective users on all the vehicles features using just one video using hotspot and overlay features.

  • Allow users to uncover a deeper understanding of your offering and move themselves closer towards a buying decision.

  • Adapt a single video for multiple markets with ease thanks to WIREWAX Studio’s automated translation technology.


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